Improve your Golf from home

For many golfers, finding the time to get down to the range to work on their game is almost impossible due to work or family commitments.

But this does not mean that you cannot improve your golf from the comfort of your own home.

I am a huge fan of at home practice drills, because they ensure that the focus is purely on what you are trying to achieve in the golf swing itself, rather than reacting to the result achieved with the golf ball.

For many golfers, the use of the internet or golf programs on the TV is of huge benefit, as they can get a lesson at home, at a time that suits them.

Sites such as Golf Digest, Youtube and even Instagram are full of helpful hints and tips that could improve your game.

A simple search engine search will bring up a huge number of videos, magazine articles and blogs that offer insights into how to improve your ball striking, increase distance from the tee, how to hole more 3 footers, the list goes on and on.

Many top golf professionals have created CoachTube channels that work through the various areas of the game to provide a complete lesson package for those that seek the best golf instructional video for those that don´t have the time to take a lesson from their own local or club professional or just want that extra competitive edge.

A word of advice, find one professional that you like and stick with their videos and avoid the temptation of watching everything you can find online, this will only lead to contradictive advice and confusion for you as the golfer.

As for help yourself home practice there are a number of simple and very functional practice exercises that you can perform for a few minutes a day that will undoubtedly improve your game.

Exercise 1 – The penny putt.

Grab yourself a penny, a few golf balls and throw your penny onto the carpet.

The idea of the drill is to roll the ball over the center of the penny. A simple drill that will increase your pin-point focus on the golf course, whilst improving your confidence that you can hole more putts.

Exercise 2 – Feet together

This has to be one of favorite drills as it works on two areas of your game; balance and pitching

Take your normal posture position and then place your feet and knees together. From this position makes short, smooth swings focusing on maintaining both rhythm and your balance.

If you can take this further and use a ball (foam practice balls will suffice) you will develop a more solid base from which to play your golf.

Exercise 3 – Push through follow through

Take your posture as normal, with a ball in position. Without making any backward movement push the ball forward down your target line and complete your follow through into a well-balanced and complete finish position.

A great drill for those that either don´t hold their finish or those that struggle to get through the impact position in to follow through.