Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

When it comes to improving the performance of the bowling balls, it is important to keep them adrift of the regular dirt. On their way towards the pins, the balls come in contact with a lot of dirt/oil while moving in the bowling alley.

Over time, the dirt starts accumulating over the ball’s surface, thus negatively increasing its weight. In that case, the ball tends to struggle while revolving on the lane, which can have serious side-effects for the game of its owner.

If you want to save yourself from any such scenario, it is imperative to select the bowling ball cleaners with utmost care.

Starting from the composition of cleaners, users who’re going to use them in professional tournaments should purchase a product which is deemed legal by the USGC. It should be easy to carry, and the price shouldn’t be too excessive either.

So after looking at the above-mentioned features, let’s look at the below-mentioned guide containing some of the best bowling ball cleaners of the modern era.

Top 3 Best Bowling Ball Cleaner Reviews

Monster Tac Remove All Bowling Ball Cleaner

A cleaner approved by the United States Bowling Congress, the Monster Tac can be used in professional/non-professional competitions. With its help, users can clean their ball before the game, after the game or even during frames. For further convenience, customers can order this product in either 4 ounces (for testing purposes) or 32 ounces (for real usage). So if you aren’t sure about the quality of this cleaner, go for the little one and test out yourself.

The Monster Tac removes the oil from the surface of the ball in an imperious manner. It can improve the bowling ball’s lifespan importantly. Furthermore, it does cut through the belt marks, thus restoring the ball’s performance in a single wash.


For users with greater hook potential, they are recommended to use a relatively lower dose of this cleaner for their sake. As per commercial areas, who have to clean the ball after now and then thanks to the increased usage, this cleaner works wonders in a regular dose.

Another thing which is quite useful about this cleaner is that it can be used on almost all types of balls. It tends to produce consistent results and thanks to the compact size of the cleaner; you can quickly place it on one side of your bag.


  • Tournament Legal, Equally beneficial for recreational to professional players
  • Versatile Cleaner can clean a wide range of bowling balls
  • Performs well against the dirt


  • Tends to remove the tac as well

Neo-Tac Hook It Bowling Ball Cleaner

One of the least expensive cleaners in today’s market, the Neo-Tac saves the customers from spending a valuable amount of money in return for a high performing product. It is currently one of the least expensive cleaners in today’s market, which increases its worth by multiple times.

A cleaner verified by the United States Bowling Congress, there is no need to purchase different products for a professional/recreational competition as long as you can get this beauty at a very affordable price.


When it comes to improving a person’s hook potential, this cleaner helps a person by keeping the current surface unharmed for as long as possible. On the contrary, it will clean all the dust particles which can hamper the ball’s performance negatively. So when the tac is kept intact while the dust is removed continuously, this product is tailor-made for the professionals in this sport.

Coming towards the volume, it comes in a bottle of no less than 6 ounces. Such a liquid volume is more than enough to be used for a longer duration as customers don’t have to purchase a new cleaner now and then. So for the experts, who already have the scary hook skills, this product can take their game to the next level.


  • Approved by United States Bowling Congress
  • No need to spend heavily when you can get this product at an affordable price
  • Compact dimensions to make it easy to carry from one place to the other
  • Keeps the ball in its original composition


  • Customers will struggle with the excessive hook after cleaning the ball with this cleaner

Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

For users who want to get rid of the towels while cleaning the bowling balls, here comes an ideal purchase. Incorporating a unique composition, the Storm Reacta can be applied directly to the ball’s surface without needing any external help in this regard.

This cleaner is equipped with a foamy type liquid with the help of whom users can quickly clean their ball in one wash. So if a person is looking to clean a particular area of the ball, like that of the oil ring, he or she can do that without any restriction. It eventually results in a lower volume of liquid doing all the hard work, which means that even an 8-ounce bottle – as that of the Storm Reacta– can be used for several games of bowling.


As you might have noticed already, the Storm Reacta doesn’t hold any side-effects for the ball’s exterior surface. After getting washed by this cleaner, the bowling balls will retain their original composition. It won’t affect your hook potential as it doesn’t remove the tac. Furthermore, the foam evaporates quickly from the ball’s surface, so users don’t have to wait for letting the ball to dry. So for the customers with scary hooking skills, this is an ideal purchase.

Lastly, the bottle in which the foamy liquid is enclosed is as compact as it gets. You can hold it in one hand or even place it in your bag’s side pocket. So all in all, this is a standout product in the field of bowling ball cleaners.


  • Can be directly applied to the surface of the ball
  • Foam dissipates quickly after washing the ball
  • Inexpensive Product, Ideal for Budget-conscious customers


  • The bottle can leak over transportation; customers have to take care of it.

Best Bowling Ball Cleaner and Polish

Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Polish & Cleaner

Another high-quality cleaner from this particular manufacturer, the Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Polish & Cleaner does much more than to remove the dirt particles from your ball’s surface. For the fans of reactive bowling, who want to hook excessively, this is a 2 in 1 product as apart from cleaning the ball, the polish will help them to attain a shiny exterior.

Starting from removing dirt and oil, the Storm Reacta Polish and cleaner strictly believes in leaving the grippy feel behind over the ball’s surface. If your previous cleaner took away the tacky feeling, this cleaner could surely restore it in a single wash. It believes that the shinier a ball gets, the easier it will revolve over the bowling alley and the more spin it will generate consistently. For this purpose, the way this cleaner polishes the ball to have a smooth surface is certainly commendable.


Available in a shiny red bottle, the overall volume of this purchase is no more than 4 ounces. When this volume might be a little less for some users, like that of the commercial bowling arenas, it will still have an outstanding effect on the bowling skills of their users. However, for customers with excessive usage requirements, they might have to order a new bottle after every game.

As per the way of usage, customers are recommended to use a towel (preferably microfiber) to get the desired results.

Furthermore, they can also apply a little less than the recommended dose and will still be able to get a shinier ball.


  • 2 in 1 Product, saves you from spending extra money on the acquisition of Polish
  • Makes your ball brand new, enhances the spin
  • Can be used on a wide range of balls


  • The bottle is too small for some user’s likings