Best Hockey Jerseys

Best Hockey Jerseys

Even if you are a hockey player or just an enthusiastic fan, jerseys are amazing when it comes to this game. Most of the sweaters have a story, even if they are simple jerseys with a player’s name written on the back, or signed by the biggest hockey players in the world.

Anyway, these jerseys must be awesome; a group of designers works together to create the best logo. And if you look a little bit at the Montreal Canadiens or the Chicago Blackhawks, you’ll agree this sweater counts a lot. All of them are made of polyester for sweat absorption and evaporation and designed to make the player feel extremely comfortable during his match.

Autographed jerseys and practice sweaters.

In this article, we tried to present you the best hockey jerseys, old and new, full of meaning, signed by real hockey players like Jim Craig, Neal Broten, Ken Morrow, Mike Eruzione or Herb Brooks or just simple sweaters made only for practice.  As we said, most of them come with a story; some are replicas of the jerseys that were used during the 1980 Winter Olympics, others have famous hockey players name on the back. And yes, it’s a golden rule to wear a t-shirt or in this case a hockey jersey with a name that you know and love. We also combined a little bit of hockey history with the sweater’s specifications to be sure that you know what you’re buying. If you’re a real fan and you know all the insights about your favorite player, nevermind us and make your pick.

Best Hockey Jerseys of All Time

NHL Montreal Canadiens Team Color Replica Jersey Youth

Team: Montreal Canadiens aka The Habs

About the product: Made of 100% Poly Flat Back Mesh, this jersey is one of the best hockey jerseys of all time because it belongs to one of the best hockey teams in the world, the well-known and beloved Montreal Canadiens, The Habs. This was their away jersey, now being their home sweater. The Habs is the only hockey team predated the founding of NHL, the franchise who won the most Stanley Cups ever! The jersey has a “C” and “H” logo, with a simple design and blue and white piping on the arms and waist.


Reviews: Everybody noticed that the quality-price report is very good, another reason to buy it.

Reebok 7185A Premier Hockey Jersey-Anaheim Ducks-Black-Senior


Team: Anaheim Ducks

About the product: Made by Reebok for the Anaheim Ducks hockey team, made of 100% mesh polyester. This team was founded in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company, and their name is based on the production The Mighty Ducks. Later, Disney sold the team to Henry and Susan Samueli who changed the name into Anaheim Ducks (name inspired by the team’s hometown). Also, they have a pretty crazy jersey that everybody loves, with black, white, and orange colors.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water.

Toronto Maple Leafs Blank White Youth Reebok Away Replica Jersey


Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

About the product: Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team is one of the “Original Six” and NHL favorites. That’s why their white jersey is very requested and worn by all their fans. They won 13 Stanley Cup championships and as a logo a blue maple leaf which you can also find on their jerseys. Also, we need to remind you that among the greatest players who wore those sweaters you can find names as Keon, Sittler, Vaive, Clark, and Sundin. So yes, even if the jersey look is a classic, Toronto Maple Leafs has one of the best looking hockey jerseys.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water.

Chicago Blackhawks Reebok Edge Authentic Home NHL Hockey Jersey Size 56


Team: Chicago Blackhawks

About the product: This jersey has doubled knit polyester, in the front, it has the official team logo and two patches on the shoulders. The Chicago Blackhawks is one of the “Original 6” teams from the NHL (structure made by NHL for 25 seasons), well-known all over the world. They got 6 Stanley Cups since and they are easy to recognize thanks to their logo, an Indian chief. This might be one of the best hockey jerseys ever, fans love it, is colored, and it represents one of the best teams in the world.


Reviews: Everybody says that if you decide to wash this jersey, you have to keep in mind that you need to use cold water and no bleach.

USA Hockey Patrick Kane 2016 World Cup of Hockey Premier Jersey


Player: Patrick Kane

About the product: Patrick Kane is one of the best players in the world, making a sweater with his name one of the best hockey jerseys to buy. He plays for Chicago Blackhawks for the NHL, and he won several prizes for the most famous player in the playoffs, is the American-born player who won the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Trophy. This year, let people know that you love Kane and purchase this blue navy sweater with the USA logo on the front and his name and number on the back, made of 100% polyester.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water. Can be washed in the washing machine

Best College Hockey Jerseys

UND University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks Green XXL Hockey Jersey


Team: North Dakota Fighting Hawks

About the product: The jersey’s made of 100% polyester, and it’s green with white stripes on the elbows and the front bottom. The University of Dakota has a large group of athletes, including ice hockey teams both for men and women and probably the best college hockey jerseys. Fighting Hawks team won eight national championships and is the best UND team. More than this, the University of Dakota is of the most powerful, successful, and storied college hockey programs in NCAA history. And that’s what makes them so famous and their jerseys so wanted!


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water.

North Dakota Fighting Sioux #7 TJ Oshie Jersey University Hockey Jerseys


Team: University of Dakota

About the product: Made of 100% Mesh polyester, this jersey has it’s numbers and letters stitched. The North Dakota University used to have the Fighting Sioux hockey team, a name they eventually changed into Fighting Hawkes. Oshie is one of the most important players from the Fighting Sioux era, UND being placed where he played for three seasons as an amateur. Thanks to his talent and ambition, T.J Oshie got to NHL and is now playing for Washington Capital. Jerseys with his name on are made as a tribute to him, and people love them.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water.

Best Minor League Hockey Jerseys

Colorado Eagles CHL Authentic On Ice Game Issued Military Camo Hockey Jersey – Size 58G


Team: Colorado Eagles

About the product: Colorado Eagles are not part of the NHL (since 2011 they play CHL league), but that doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to have one of the best minor league hockey jerseys 🙂 Their logo has an eagle next to three stripes colored in blue, yellow and red. Also, this sweater is even greater because it has an army print that makes it look even more spectacular. On the bottom of the jersey, you can see that there was added the league, they’re part of. The team is now affiliated with the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage. The jersey’s made of polyester.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water. Also, it can be washed in the washing machine.

Best Non-NHL Hockey Jerseys

Bauer 200 Series Practice Jersey – Senior


Team: No team, made by Bauer for practice

About the product: Bauer is a well-known hockey brand that not only produces great quality skates but also makes all types of equipment for hockey players, jerseys included. This product also might be one of the best non-NHL hockey jerseys because it comes in 10 different colors, allowing you to pick your favorite.


Performance and reviews: This product is made of 100% polyester, also has the Bauer logo added on it and has it has original stitches reinforced. Everybody says that the material is breathable, a double layer mesh, very strong, and fits well.

CCM Senior Hockey Practice Jersey – 10200

Team: No team, made by CCM for practice

About the product: CCM also made a cool jersey for practice made of polyester, with only one layer of shoulders, an interlocking collar, and double knits.


Reviews: All reviews say that it is easy to breathe material, it’s very comfortable and absorbs all the sweat. It is also very easy to put on because it doesn’t have additional pads for shoulders or elbows. One of the problems for those who bought it is that the sleeves seem a little bit shorter than other practice jerseys.

Best Retro Hockey Jerseys

USA 1980 Olympic Miracle on Ice Away Blue Hockey Jersey (Adult Sizes)

Team: The US during the 1980 Winter Olympics

About the product: Well, this jersey has some history behind! In 1980 took place Winter Olympics and one of the games had to be played in Lake Placid, New York by the US and the Soviet Union. In that period, the US team was exclusively made of amateur players who had to fight against the very professional Soviet Union players. The second team was one of the favorites, and everybody expected them to win the Winter Olympics but, by a miracle, US won the match against the Soviet Union and got the trophy by beating Finland in the finals. The US victory against them was considered a real miracle by everyone, making this the best story in the last 100 years of hockey. Media called that moment “Miracle on the ice” and, let’s face it; the US made something spectacular. The US sweaters became the best retro hockey jerseys because of those memorable matches.


Reviews: When it comes to these jerseys, all reviews say the same: Excellent value!

Best Vintage Hockey Jerseys

Vladislav Tretiak CCCP Russian 1980 Red Hockey Jersey


Team: The Soviet Union during the 1980 Winter Olympics

About the product: The US shows with great history when it comes to the 1980 Winter Olympics. This jersey looks exactly like the one Vladislav Aleksandrovich Tretiak wore during the match that made the Soviet Union come to the second place at the Winter Olympics. Tretiak is a former goaltender and is considered to be one of the greatest goaltenders in the history of ice hockey. He received this title after a poll conducted by a group of 56 experts from 16 countries. And guess what, almost everybody called him the best! But he’s also more than that: is the current president of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia and the first hockey player that trained and played outside North America to receive a star on Hockey Hall of Fame. So yes, you if you want to brag with one of the best vintage hockey jerseys, this the one you should pick. The jersey’s made in Russia, and the player name is not sewn.


Reviews: When it comes to their jersey, all reviews say the same: Excellent value!

Best Men’s lLague Hockey Jerseys

NHL Florida Panthers 8-20 Boys Team Color Replica Jersey


Team: Florida Panthers

About the product: When it comes to Florida Panthers, you can’t fall in love with their jerseys! And what’s not to love! The jersey has their panther logo on the center of the sweater and the producer and league logo. This home jersey is made by Reebok for the NHL team, made 100% from polyester and needed to be washed with cold water and without bleach. Even if they never won a Stanley Cup, fans adore them and support them no matter what, after all, that they make great hockey matches.


Reviews: People recommend this jersey because it is lightweight, is perfect for kids.

Henrik Sedin Vancouver Canucks Reebok Premier Replica Home NHL Hockey Jersey – Size Large


Player: Henrik Sedin, captain of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team

About the product: This jersey has the name and number of Henrik Sedin, one of the best players from the Vancouver Canucks, their captain in fact. He plays with his identical twin, Daniel, and they make a great team together. During his career, especially with the Vancouver Canucks, he won many awards, and internationally plays for Sweden, his home country.  These are just a few reasons why he became a star and why people adore him. This sweater is one of the best men’s league hockey jerseys because let’s face it, Sedin is the best! Also, the jersey’s made of 100% stretch polyester, has NHL, Reebok and hockey team logo.


Recommendations:  You are advised to wash this in cold water. Also, it can be washed in the washing machine.

Best Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Autographed/Signed Jim Craig Blue Team USA Miracle On Ice 1980 Olympics Hockey Jersey JSA COA


Team: The US during the 1980 Winter Olympics

About the product: This is a real sweater signed by Jim Craig, autograph recognized by JSA fact that makes it one of the best Olympic hockey jerseys. Craig became extremely famous after the game played by the US against the Soviet Union when he, as a goaltender, stopped 36 of 39 shots on goal. Only after this victory, Craig went to play for teams from NHL. Recommendations: Don’t worry about the authenticity of the jersey; it also comes with a serial number that proves you this is real. Also, this is for collectors, not for everyday practice.