Best Motocross Helmet

Best Motocross Helmet

When it comes to ensuring the safety of riders, one can purchase some accessories from today’s market. At a time when riders will be going at fast speed around the track, it is imperative to have some body protection. And out of all the gears which a person wears on his body, nothing is more important than the right helmet.

The helmet used in motocross differs a lot from their street bike counterparts. With extended protection around the chin region, this safety gear allows the ventilation of air, unlike ordinary helmets. Weight is also an issue with this equipment as the riders cannot afford to put on a heavy helmet for an extended duration.

So regardless of your skill level – as if whether you are a veteran in this sport who is looking to upgrade the old helmet or an amateur looking to make a brand new purchase – the below mentioned guide would help you regarding finding a helmet with a perfect set of features.

Top 3 Best Motocross Helmet Reviews

O’Neal 3 Series Helmet

One of the least expensive helmets for motocross, the Loading product data.O’Neal 3 Series is available in no less than five different sizes. Starting from extra-small, users can purchase it in Small, Medium, Large as well as Extra Large size. Moreover, riders can also choose from either white or black as their favorite color in this helmet. So when this safety gear is inexpensive, it also caters a broad range of riders without any trouble.

Featuring durable Polycarbonate in the shell’s construction, this gear is made in compliance with the United States (DOT Certified) as well as United Nation’s minimum level of standards for helmets. The overall weight of this shell is as low as just 1500 grams as this helmet lies on the bottom end regarding the weightiness of safety gears.


Inside the helmet is a padded liner which is not only removable but also washable. This liner is of the great essence when it comes to keeping your face sweat-free as it wicks away the unwanted moisture continuously.

For the sake of ventilation, there is an intake vent – to allow the entrance of air – and an exhaust vent so that the air fully circulates without any restriction. In case the helmet gets damaged during an unwanted accident, the replacement parts are easily available at an affordable price.

Apart from its usage in motocross, riders can wear one for the street touring, regular commuting as well as utility vehicles. So when a comfortable helmet is essential for a pleasant ride, the O’Neal is an excellent product.


  • Lightweight Shell Constructed of Polycarbonate
  • Meets Certain Safety Certifications for the safety of riders
  • Keeps your fresh free with dual vents and a padded liner


  • Runs smaller in Size

IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

CODE : B007Y90D02

The IV2 Dirt Bike Helmet is a stylish safety gear for the fans of motocross. Apart from ensuring the safety of its riders, this equipment has made sure to make their ride an enjoyable one. Moreover, it can be purchased at a pretty affordable price so customers can live within their budget even after making this purchase.

Starting with its safety features, this helmet is DOT Approved, which means riders can count on it even during unwanted falls. This is because the shell is made of a fiber reinforced, tough ABS Plastic which holds well on a rider’s head.  In addition to that, the manufacturer has made use of the Expanded Polystyrene Foam to provide further impact absorption to this safety gear. So when the ABS stands tall regarding impact resistance, the EPS performs well in saving the human head from suffering the after-effects.

The liner – inside this helmet – absorbs sweat well as it keeps your face dry throughout the riding endeavor. There are cheek pads which cover your face like a glove, and above all, this is a lightweight helmet weighing as low as just 1360 grams.

Coming towards the sun visor, it is also removable as users have to remove the screws for that purpose. As per the sizing, the IV2 Dirt Bike Helmet is available in 4 different sizes at the same price.

Lastly, customers will get a high-quality helmet bag apart from the helmet itself on purchasing this product.


  • Sturdy Shell provides utmost impact resistance
  • Comfortable Liner wicks away the moisture
  • DOT Approved, no questions about the quality of this product


  • Issues with Proper Sizing

Klim ECE Men’s F3 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

A rock solid product for the off-road riders, the F3 Motocross Helmet triggers style and high performance from the first time of usage. Featuring an aggressive design, the manufacturer has done so while keeping the weight in check.

The F3 is an upgrade to the F4 model as the manufacturer has lowered its price from the previous model. The overall weight of this helmet is 3.3 Pounds, and it is specifically designed to cover full-face of its owner.


For the sake of ventilation, there are 13 intake vents which are integrated on various portions of this helmet. Furthermore, it has six exhaust ports, all of whom are placed at the back portion, which keeps your feet dry regardless of the outside temperature.

The shell is made of the hi-fi fiberglass composite which does considerably well to lower the overall weight of this gear. The F3 is 10% sleeker than other such markets in today’s market, which eventually results in lower neck fatigue.

Coming towards the Visor system, it is broad enough to give you an unobstructed view without any hindrance. It even allows the use of goggles as the F3 is all about convenience.

The F3 is equipped with Double D-ring closures which keep the helmet in place for as long as possible. This product is certified by ECE as well as DOT so all in all, once you wear this helmet, you don’t have to worry about your head’s protection.


  • D-Ring Closure increases the helmet’s stability
  • Broad Visor gives an uninterrupted display
  • Proper management for the Passage of Air


  • Devoid of wind stopper, which was present with the previous model


Best Motocross Helmet Brands

V1 Race Helmet


When it comes to the best motocross helmet brands, the chances are grim that there is a better brand than the Fox Racing. Having been in this business for so many decades, this particular brand has satisfied a series of customers impeccably.

The V1 Race Helmet is yet another high-quality product from Fox Racing and just like its predecessors; this one is comfortable yet high performing. Incorporating a rigid injection molded Polycarbonate in its shell, this helmet will stay intact even after the worst of falls.


Inside the helmet is a soft lining which does extremely well to absorb the moisture without letting it affect the human face. For the same purpose, there are 13 vents in total, 9 of whom are intake while the rest are exhaust vents to keep the air rolling at all times. Even when it is kept stationary, such an arrangement remains this gear as fresh as possible.

For proper sizing, this helmet can be purchased in 3 different shell sizes which accommodate users with different head sizes. In addition to that, you can choose from no less than 4 EPS sizes, which are a big plus too when it comes to getting a precise fit. And as per the safety standards, this product is approved by both, DOT as well as ECE so even the professional riders can wear it without any second thought.

So if you want to purchase a product from Fox Racing, and that too without spending a big chunk of your budget, the V1 is all that you need. It is comfortable, high-performing, and stands tell when it comes to evaporate sweat swiftly.


  • Durable helmet with a sturdy shell
  • Wider eye port allows proper vision even with goggles
  • Stylish Helmet at an affordable price


  • Fox V1 runs small, so be aware of it before ordering one for yourself