Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


When you’re an entry-level player or an experienced one, wearing the right pair of basketball shoes can make the difference for your game. When you’re playing inside, you need shoes that provide traction and support for the polished and smooth wood flooring, whereas when you’re taking your game outside your basketball shoes should be designed for the harsher surfaces. Stability and traction aren’t going to be enough; the outdoor b-ball shoes also have to ensure comfort on the rough surfaces found outside.

Even if the style is important, the functionality should count first when selecting your basketball shoes. When you’re not using the right one, the risk for injuries is higher, and your performance is going to suffer as well, which is never an option for the dedicated basketball player out there.

Why buy outdoor basketball shoes in the first place?

The outdoor basketball shoes differ from indoor ones on many levels. Soles and tread patterns are the most obvious ones, but it’s also the materials that make them unique. For example, the outdoor basketball shoes have to be a lot more breathable than the inside shoes as it gets hotter outside than inside.

The sole and tread in outdoor basketball shoes have to ensure dynamic stability and traction, which indoor shoes cannot provide. Using indoor basketball shoes outside is only going to make them wear out a lot faster, not to mention the risk they pose for injuries.

What matters when choosing your outdoor basketball shoes?

One may think that finding the pair of shoes that offer stability, comfort, and support is a breeze. However, the more you look into it, the more you’re going to find out that there are plenty of things to take into consideration when looking for outdoor basketball shoes. Your top skills, the poor one, your style of play, and your particular needs play a big part as well which only makes the selection process a bit more complicated than expected.

Without any further ado, let’s go over the main aspects to check when searching for outdoor basketball shoes:

  • Sole and traction

It’s essential for outdoor basketball shoes to feature a hard rubber sole, especially when compared to the indoor type. The outdoor surfaces are more uneven than the indoor ones, and they do have different textures. The sole has to be reliable, taking the use for a reasonable amount of time. Take a look at the tread on the sole as well as it’s essential for your traction outside in court. Also, you can check this article “Outdoor Basketball Shoes Vs. Indoor Shoes” for more information about sole and traction.

Having the proper traction while playing basketball outside is essential, and you don’t want to experience sliding or slipping. Easy to control and large tread patterns are typical for outdoor basketball shoes.

  • Support and stability

The amount of support you need from your basketball shoes is a personal matter. For instance, you have to look for shoes with impressive shock absorption when you have previous injuries or deal with ankle weakness. High-top shoes are going to ensure better stability when your ankles aren’t, and low-top shoes shouldn’t be your no.1 option in this case.

If you’re not going through any past injuries and you’re aiming for increased flexibility, a low-top shoe is going to be your best shot. Even if you’re not going to obtain the same support or stability as with high-top shoes, you’re going to gain in the flexibility and versatility department.

Once again, your playing style and your specific needs are going to count when selecting the outdoor basketball shoes.

  • Materials

Breathability is fundamental for outdoor basketball shoes. When you’re playing inside, it doesn’t get too hot, which isn’t the case for the outdoor basketball. Ventilation matters a lot for outdoor basketball shoes. You want tough rubber for the sole, which is going to handle the wear and tear a lot better than other materials.

The materials in the outdoor basketball shoes have to be flexible so that you may get the best performance for your game.

Durable, breathable and lightweight materials (mesh or leather) are to look for in outdoor basketball shoes. A long lasting option it also TPU plastic. If you’re going to select other materials, it’s best that they feature an overlay on the toe and heel, which take the most wear in outdoor basketball.

Some people tend to wear out a particular area of the sole faster (it can be the toe or the heel section), in which case you should look for the shoes that feature a more robust tread in the specific sections.

The basketball shoes need to relate to your style of play, providing you the support and comfort you need for the best performance.

  • Type of compound

The outdoor basketball shoes are made with rubber compound that is able of handling the harsh surfaces of the outdoor courts. It’s common for the outdoor courts to have debris on them, so it makes sense that the rubber soles are dense and made for the high abrasion use. The light compounds in indoor shoes aren’t going to handle the wear of outdoor basketball, so it’s money down the drain when you’re taking the indoor shoes outside.

  • Weight

You want your outdoor basketball shoes to be a bit heavier than the indoor shoes. They need to cushion the foot against the harsh surfaces of outdoor courts. The midsoles are also thicker, which adds weight to the outdoor shoes.

You may find lighter outdoor basketball shoes if that fits your needs the most. But it’s crucial to remember that it’s the weight of the shoes that adds protection and stability to your foot when playing outside.

What defines the level of comfort for the outdoor basketball shoes?

Your personal needs and take on shoes is what makes outdoor basketball shoes comfortable. Previous injuries, weak ankles, various foot conditions, and your playing style-they all count when selecting your outdoor basketball shoes. Thicker soles are going to be more comfortable as they’re capable of absorbing the impact of the foot a lot better than thinner soles.

Deep treads and thicker midsole are going to improve your traction when playing basketball outside. You may find basketball shoes that provide comfort zones under the heels and forefoot. What counts the most for your comfort is going to help you select the right pair of shoes.

Does the style matter in any way?

Even though it’s not crucial, the style of your outdoor basketball shoes is a personal matter. If you’ve injured your ankle or leg and need to wear a brace, it’s wise that you go with low-top basketball shoes. When support is what you appreciate the most on your basketball shoes, it’s better to opt for a high-top basketball shoes.

You may want to buy soft shoes if your playing style involves a lot of running, weaving, moving fast or cutting on the court.

As for the weight, you should also give it a good thought. Lighter basketball shoes do feel more comfortable, but it’s the heavier ones that ensure better stability and traction on the rough surfaces of outdoor court.

One last recommendation

Breathable material, thick soles, large traction grooves, and comfortable feel are fundamental when buying outdoor basketball shoes. As for the way they look, it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to compromise your performance over some beautiful shoes.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews

   1. NIKE Men’s Air Max Emergent

If you’re a budget-oriented customer, who cannot afford to spend big bucks on his footwear, the Nike Air Max Emergent presents a decent option. Available in three different colors, this shoe comes with a broad range of features.

Nike has made use of genuine synthetic leather in the shoe’s upper. Apart from providing reliable support, this material enhances the lifespan of this footwear. Also, present on the high is the support breath Tech construction which allows optimum air ventilation.

Inside these shoes is the Phylon Midsole which provides all-day comfort to the feet of its owner. While playing on concrete or other outdoor terrains, it keeps your feet from hurting.

The Air Max Emergent has a rubber outsole which does well when it comes to producing reliable traction on the outdoor surfaces. This is made possible by the multi-directional lugs which are correctly placed in the forefoot portion so that the player can enjoy natural motion without straining his feet.  For providing all-day comfort, the manufacturer has used Max Air unit in the heel region of this footwear.

One thing which seems to be a problem with this footwear is its size. This shoe has a narrow toe box which doesn’t bode well for people with small feet. So if you’re one of those customers, consider ordering half a size bigger than your actual feet dimensions. Other than that, this is a high-quality shoe for both indoor as well as outdoor basketball.


  • Boasts Air Ventilation with support breath Tech
  • Phylon midsole provides a greater degree of cushioning
  • Grippy rubber outsole


  • A bit narrow for wider feet

   2. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Coming from a trusted manufacturer in the field of Sporting Goods, the Loading product data. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe combines stylish design with superior functionality. Available at an affordable price, this footwear can be purchased in no less than ten colors.

Featuring a leather upper, this shoe has made use of high-quality fabric in its tongue, collar, and a rear region. When outdoor basketball is all about rough usage, such a construction makes it durable footwear. You can use it for years to come, and this product won’t lose its shape one bit.

For optimal comfort, the Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe comes with Cloudfoam cushioning. Now what it does is that it makes this shoe extremely lightweight. The overall weight of this shoe is just under 13 ounces which allow the user to move freely without any hindrance.


On to the outsole. This high top basketball footwear comes with a grippy outsole with two different patterns covering the bottom of this shoe. When the majority of the outsole is covered with a zigzag pattern, Adidas has made use of a wave-pattern in the forefoot’s middle. So when it boasts optimal traction on the rough, outdoor surfaces, it grips well even on the smooth, indoor surfaces.

When it comes to saving your feet from sweating, a series of perforations have been integrated on the front as well as the side-portion of this shoe. Combine it with the air mesh fabric (as already discussed) on the tongue, collar and rear portion, and you won’t have any problem as far as the shoe’s ventilation is concerned.


  • The enhanced degree of ventilation
  • Lightweight footwear
  • Durable upper


  • A bit narrow for wider feet

   3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

The Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is yet another superior-quality product from the German Brand, Adidas. Incorporating a rather different design, this shoe comes with a wide range of features.

Starting with the shoe’s traction, this is what makes the Crazy Explosive a standout performance against its competitors in the basketball marketplace. Featuring a rubber outsole, it comes with a coral pattern design along with multi-directional lugs. The outsole is entirely contoured so as long as you wear this shoe, it will keep on providing the ultimate traction. Furthermore, it won’t pick up dirt at regular intervals which save you from the hassle of wiping it out now and then.

For making it a responsive shoe, Adidas has used BOOST cushioning on the entire length of this product. Having a particular kind of material, this cushioning system is capable of absorbing energy at the moment of impact before releasing it during the player’s performance. It has holes on the side of this footwear which specifically allows this system to contract and expand freely. Moreover, the BOOST is covered in TPU around the midsole for holding it together.

At a time when the majority of the basketball shoes won’t run right to their size, there is no such problem with the Crazy Explosive. Customers can order their exact size, and this shoe will fit just perfect. So if you’re looking for a high-performing basketball shoe, the Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is worth a shot.


  • Superior BOOST cushioning system
  • Features extremely grippy outsole
  • Stays true to their size


  • A bit narrow for wider feet

   4. Adidas D Rose 773 III Men’s Basketball Shoe

The Loading product data. Adidas D Rose 773 III Men’s Basketball Shoe has done full justice to the expectations which people usually associate with an Adidas Footwear. Durable and comfortable to wear, this is a high-performing shoe despite its lower price tag.

The 773 III comes with a synthetic leather upper incorporating a large number of perforations throughout its edifice. Inside the perforations is the mesh which does a pretty good job for ventilating the shoe. Such a construction makes it quite a breathable shoe allowing a normal passage of air at all times. Then there is the breathable mesh tongue which keeps your feet from sweating.

As far as the traction on this shoe is concerned, it performs well on outdoor surfaces. Incorporating solid rubber outsole, the sole remains intact for an extended duration of time. There are two different patterns on the outsole region, with herringbone on the side and wavy pattern in the middle, which protects your feet from any slippage.

For the sake of cushioning, Adidas have used Adiprene + in the shoe’s forefoot. It gives you a low profile feel in addition to a lot of court feel. This is a great feature for players who like to be quick on their feet, but if you prefer a lot of cushioning, this might not be the best option for you.

However, when it comes to the indoor surfaces, it does leave a few things unanswered. So as long as you use the D Rose 773 III outdoor activities, it will keep on performing flawlessly.


  • Ideal Feet Support
  • Boasts a greater degree of traction
  • Provides a Secure Fit around your feet


  • Not a lot of cushioning

   5. Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 2.5

Incredible traction is one thing to highlight on the Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 2.5, but the shoes do bring a lot more than that to the table.

As they are made with long lasting materials, the shoes impress with the fantastic traction, support, and reliability both inside and outside. Their design offers a nice transition from heel to toe. Some are going to sit on the fence about the design, as the “burrito wrap,” build and asymmetrical lacing keeps the foot in place, without lowering the comfort in any way. The design provides excellent ankle support and protection against the impact, which is something that basketball players are looking for. However, the tongue is attached to the side, so you need to try it before closing the deal.

The shoes come with the right amount of cushioning, and the thick PU insole helps one feel better when wearing the shoes. The grip is, and the shoes improve the traction on outdoor surfaces.

There’s durability feel to the shoes, and many think that they feel more comfortable with every wear. Their looks aren’t disappointing either, which may seal the deal for many out there.


  • The shoes provide amazing traction
  • They have a burrito wrap design
  • They seem to be durable and sturdy
  • The grip is, and the level of comfort is high


  • They run small
  • They’re not highly breathable

When looking for a nice looking pair of shoes that give you traction, comfort, and support, the Curry 2.5 from Under Armour are money well spent any given day.

Best basketball shoes for indoor and outdoor

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown Basketball Shoe

The combination of leather and synthetic leather turns the Under Armour Men’s Lockdown Basketball Shoe into a lightweight, yet dependable shoes for playing basketball both inside and outside.

The shoes feel comfortable thanks to the full-length molded EVA sock liner and full-length EVA midsole. We also need to highlight the collar foam which is only going to increase the level of comfort and support for the ankles. It’s why of the main reasons for which the shoes are an excellent choice for people dealing with ankle problems.

No worries on the traction or support either since the shoes feature one-piece, sturdy rubber outsole. The outsole comes with herringbone traction pattern all over its surface which improves one’s traction for linear/lateral movement, and control. The traction doesn’t lose its quality when taking the shoes outside and they sure give support on the slippery surfaces inside.

The shoes have a long lasting feel and seem to be well made. Their breathability is also to notice, and they also can take a few splashes.

Dependable for indoor and outdoor use alike, the shoes are one option to remember when shopping.


  • Their traction is excellent both inside and outside
  • They provide amazing ankle support
  • The comfort level is, and the shoes don’t require a break-in period
  • They are well made and feel durable


  • Some think that the tongue needs constant re-adjustment
  • They may run a bit small

If you’re dealing with ankle issues and as the game both inside and outside, the Under Armour Lockdown are a reliable option to try.

Best Nike outdoor basketball shoes

Jordan Nike Men’s Ultra Fly 2 Black/White-Gym Red Basketball Shoe

Capable of offering traction on point, the Jordan Nike Men’s Ultra Fly 2 Black/White-Gym Red Basketball Shoe is a reliable option, especially for the semi-dusty courts.

The shoes come with rubber sole which is very grippy and stable. As we’ve previously mentioned, the traction is, and the shoes eliminate worries about losing balance.

The knit upper is lightweight and helps for a natural movement when playing. The webbing lace system is also helping with the snug, yet comfortable fit.  The full-length internal bootie build explains the snug fit, which many with narrow feet are going to appreciate. In the end, the shoes fit like a glove in many situations as the materials mold to the shape of the foot.

The shoes feature Zoom Air units at the heel and the forefoot, which mean more padding that is highly responsive. The protection at impact is, therefore, a lot better. The Injected Phylon (IP) midsole provides enough cushioning, helping one feel so much comfortable when wearing the shoes.

As they’re ensuring solid lockdown and support, the shoes don’t slip and are well padded. They fit well, and the price is going to seal the deal for many.


  • They’re highly comfortable and fit like gloves
  • The traction and stability are on point
  • The cushioning is in the right places
  • The shoes are grippy and great for outdoor game


  • They’re a bit narrow
  • The breathability could be better

Capable of fitting the small feet insanely comfortable, the shoes are great to take for an outdoor game for a reasonable amount of time.

Best budget outdoor basketball shoes

Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi Fashion Sneaker

Don’t let the low price of Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi Fashion Sneaker fool you as the shoes aren’t going to disappoint when it comes to overall quality and performance.

By contrary, the shoes are a mid-cut model that comes with breathable leather and mesh upper, which recommends them for the outdoor basketball games. The ventilation is efficient, and the shoes don’t make your feet sweaty on a summer game.

There’s plenty of attention to the design as the shoes feature Ortholite sock liner. The detail ensures your comfort, and you can easily remove it when you don’t need it, or you have to clean it.

The traction is also something to highlight as the shoes feature high-abrasion rubber outsole. Not only that you’re going to have excellent stability and sufficient traction in the court, but you’re also going to be able to wear the shoes for quite some time as they sure take the excessive wear.

One may think that style is all forgotten with these affordable shoes, but they couldn’t be much further than the truth. The iconic Reebok logo is subtle but gives the shoes exactly the touch they needed for becoming fashionable as well.

The shoes provide ankle support and feel lightweight, despite their build. They look long lasting and have an appealing appearance.


  • They’re made with leather and synthetic
  • They’re breathable and provide excellent ankle support
  • The traction is dependable
  • They look beautiful and feel comfortable


  • One may feel the sole a bit hard
  • The fit may be tight for a wide foot

Beggars can’t be choosers and, for the buck you’re paying, the shoes are going to impress with the traction, breathability, support, and long lifespan.

Best low top outdoor basketball shoes

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe

Providing fantastic support for the ankles and taking the court nice, the Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe is checking most boxes for outdoor basketball shoes.

The shoes are made with textile and synthetic, which explains the lightweight feel and breathability. The sole is made of rubber, but it’s sturdy and durable, offering the stability and traction one needs when playing outside.

The mesh upper is made with Forgefiber which comes with TPU-coated and heat-pressed fibers. The fibers are stitches in to, offering support and durability, without compromising the lightweight.

The cable lacing system presents eyelets, helping one get the best fit. The design and shape of the shoes are high, and the geofit build ensures anatomical fit and comfort. The TPU shank and the midfoot propulsion plate are essential for the support, whereas the bounce cushioning helps with both the comfort and the flexibility.

The shoes are grippy, and the performance is excellent on the court.


  • The shoes are made with textile and synthetic
  • You’re going to enjoy both ankle support and good level of comfort
  • The breathability and flexibility are great
  • The padding is enough, and the shoes have a nice bounce


  • The tongue is a tad long
  • Some think that they run big

If you’re looking for low-cut shoes that have a nice bounce, providing support, comfort, flexibility, and breathability on wear, look no further.