Best Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Ball

With so many of them currently available in the market, it isn’t easy to find the best soccer ball without prior research. When soccer has evolved significantly in the past few decades, the soccer ball has changed with it. From featuring stitches and patches in the past to using multi-panels construction nowadays, the ball of today is much quicker, agile, and swing friendly as compared to its former counterparts.


What is the best soccer ball and where to find it? If you’re looking for the answer to these questions, we’ve got you all covered. We’ve prepared this guide, after thorough research, for all those football fanatics who want to purchase the best possible equipment when it comes to playing soccer. Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur footballer or even a professional athlete, playing with the best soccer ball can make all the difference.

Top 3 Best Soccer Ball Reviews

Adidas Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball

Coming from a reputable brand in the field of Sporting Goods, the Adidas Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball can be purchased in no less than nine stylish designs. Moreover, it is available in three different sizes. When the size three soccer ball is designed for players under age 8, the size 4 comes handy for all of those lying between 8 – 12 years of age. And coming towards the correct size, the size five should be purchased by footballers who’re older than 12.

The Adidas Glider is machine stitched with a durable TPU exterior. Such an outer layer makes it a durable product as this ball stands tall against scratches as well as abrasion. It also has a butyl bladder which makes sure that once you pump the air into it, it stays there for an extended duration. So regardless of the rough usage, this ball will stay inflated for years to come.



It is the replica of the official match balls which International player used in the UEFA EURO 16. But when those were quite expensive, this one can be purchased without straining your bank balance. Hence, if you want to have a real like experience while playing soccer, you can do just that with this particular ball without even straining your bank balance.

This soccer ball has a seamless surface which boasts better control with increased water resistance. So all in all, if you want to purchase a high-quality soccer ball within a budget, have a look at the Adidas Glider.


  • Different sizes accommodate a wide variety of users
  • Stays inflated without any discrepancy
  • Inexpensive yet high-quality replica


  • Question marks about the ball’s durability

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

As evident from the name of this product, the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball incorporates a rather old-school design. Featuring black and white straps in its exterior, it is one of those balls with which you might have played in your childhood. But as per its construction, it is fabricated by some of the modern technologies in the recent era.

The Wilson Soccer Ball comes in three different sizes as depending on your age group; you can purchase this product without any hindrance. It is machine-sewed with 32 different panels stretching all over its surface. The cover is made of synthetic leather, which gives you a nice feel when you kick this ball. Furthermore, it is a durable product which is devoid of regular wear and tear.


Apart from using it on the soccer field, you can also play within your backyard or even on the streets. The manufacturer has designed it with a Butyl Rubber bladder, which is an excellent mechanism to keep the ball inflated while retaining its shape.

On ordering this product, the Wilson Soccer Ball comes inflated, so you don’t have to purchase an air pump. So if you’re looking for a classic soccer ball, which can be used almost anywhere without second thoughts, the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is worth a shot.


  • The synthetic leather cover makes it a decent buy for amateurs
  • Extremely inexpensive soccer ball
  • Sturdy construction can take up rough usage


  • Not an ideal purchase for professionals

Adidas MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

Another replica ball, the Adidas MLS TOP Glider is the exact copy of the match ball which used in the Major League Soccer. For enhanced visibility, this ball is designed in alternating colors so that the footballers can see it from long away. And when it is available in three stylish color contrasts, everyone can purchase it as per his personal choice.

This ball is available in three different sizes, varying from 3 to 5. When the former size is ideal for children under the age of 8, the latter comes handy for all of those who’re 12+ years of age. So regardless of the skill level, the Top Glider can be purchased by everyone having an interest in soccer.


The outer layer is made of sturdy Polyurethane, which is also water resistant. Depending on the conditions in which you use this soccer ball, the exterior is more than capable of protecting it from unwanted scratches. It is machine stitched so that the panels will stay intact even after consistent usage.

One thing which customers often complain about soccer balls is their poor air retention ability. After a few days on the field, the ball starts to deflate, which serves as a big problem for anyone who has to use it daily. However, there is no such thing with the Top Glider as inside this ball is the butyl bladder, which is becoming a norm with the majority of the Adidas soccer ball’s nowadays for better air retention.

So when it comes from a trusted brand like Adidas and that too at a much-reduced price, the Adidas MLS Top Glider can be your ideal purchase.


  • Decent Quality Soccer Ball
  • Stylish design at an excellent price
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Comes deflated

Best Soccer Ball in the World

Champions League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

One of the best soccer ball’s which anyone can purchase, the Champions League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball from Adidas is good on so many levels. Firstly, it is the 1:1 takedown of the ball which was used in the UEFA Champions League final in 2018. It has almost the same color as well as panel design which you might have seen in Milan.

Secondly, and most importantly, Adidas have used thermal bonding to cover up the regular stitches. Different panels are thermally bonded with each other for increased waterproofing and enhanced shape-holding capabilities. As per the lifespan of this product, it greatly depends on the playing surface.


Since this ball is designed for younger players, it has a softer exterior as compared to the professional soccer balls. If you’re a newbie, such a construction makes it easy to control and on the contrary, experienced users can use it as a decent training ball.

Coming towards its design, the star panels along with the Adidas’ logo will make you a proud owner on the football field. In compliance with the majority of the soccer balls in the market, this one is available in size 3, 4, and 5.

Finally, the Top Training Soccer Ball comes in alternating dark and light colours, which make it easy to be seen under lights. One thing which customers have to keep in mind that this soccer ball comes deflated. So you have to put in the air before you use it.


  • Thermal bonding enhances its waterproofing
  • Stylish design makes it look like a professional soccer ball
  • Soft Outer layer


  • Cannot be used under intense conditions

Best Training Soccer Ball

Adidas Performance Finale Berlin Capitano Soccer Ball

When it comes to the training soccer ball, it can be purchased at a much-reduced price as compared to the actual match-ball. Incorporating inferior quality materials in its construction, this is a piece of ideal equipment for the sake of training. So if you’re looking for any such ball to sharpen your skills, have a look at the Adidas Champion’s League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball.

This is another product from Adidas, which is the exact copy of the soccer ball used in Europe’s most prestigious competition, UEFA Champions League. It resembles the original ball regarding its color as well as panel construction.


The Capitano is machine stitched with a nylon wound carcass which, in addition to enhancing the ball’s performance, imparts durability to this product. On the outer side is a resilient TPU cover which makes it abrasion resistant. So despite the rough play at the training ground, this product is bound to last for years to come.

This training ball has a butyl bladder, which is a reliable feature when it comes to keeping it inflated. It comes in three different sizes – 3, 4, and 5 – so as per your local league regulations, you can purchase this ball in the recommended size.

For customers who want to make a bit of fashion statement, the Capitano comes in 13 different colors. So as long as you want a training ball, there aren’t much better products than this one in the soccer market.


  • TPU outer layer makes it abrasion resistant
  • Butyl Bladder does well to keep it inflated
  • Superior construction makes it easy to control


  • Not the most durable soccer ball

Best Cheap Soccer Ball

Full Sized World International Soccer Ball

Weighing just under 10 ounces, the Full Sized World International Soccer Ball comes as an ideal buy for all such customers who want to enjoy this beautiful game within a budget. When it is available at an almost cut-price, it has the same size as that of an official soccer ball. So if you want to play with a standard size soccer ball, this is one of the least expensive products which you can purchase.

This ball is made of vinyl which one could expect from an inexpensive soccer ball. On its outer side are the flags from all over the world, including the USA, Germany, Russia, Greece and much more which gives it a unique touch. Thanks to such a construction, it looks like a colorful soccer ball so that you can have fun while playing with it.


It is mainly designed for amateurs who are still new to this sport and want to have something which can be controlled easily. If you’re looking to travel with this ball, it comes deflated, which is an excellent essence for all such customers. You have to purchase a pump for filling the air, and this ball will be ready for a game of soccer.

One thing where this product needs to improve is its stitching quality. Other than that, it is a decent quality purchase if you look at the price on which the manufacturer is offering this soccer ball.


  • Colorful design incorporating some flags
  • Price isn’t an issue with this soccer ball
  • Comes in standard size


  • Relatively poor stitching quality

Best Nike Soccer Ball

Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball

The Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball is a high-quality product for the fans of Nike. It comes in a conventional 32-panel design, and when it can be purchased in 3 different sizes, the famous Premier League graphics on its outside makes it a standout product.

Featuring 60% rubber in its construction, the rest is made with a combination of PU, Polyester, and EVA. All these materials combine actually regarding making it a soft-to-the-touch ball. For greater air retention, it has a butyl bladder which does well to keep it in its original shape.


As per the outer layer, it is made of machine-stitched TPU for extra durability and long lasting performance. The colorful graphics make it a visible product on the field so you can track it easily without much difficulty.

If you’re considering purchasing this ball, it is imperative to have a ball pump with you because it comes inflated. For customers who’re thinking of sending it as a gift, this is a great feature as the ball won’t lose its shape on the way to its destination.


  • Features elegant Premier League Graphics
  • Butyl Bladder for enhanced air retention
  • Hardcover prevents it from falling apart


  • Not sufficiently resistant to scratches

Best Soccer Ball for Kids

Chastep 8″ Foam Soccer Ball

The soccer balls for kids are smaller and lighter in weight as compared to the ones which are made for adults. Since kids have a limited physical capability, these are made of a softer MOC so that their feet won’t hurt after kicking this ball. Talking about one such product, have a look at the Chastep 8inch Soccer Ball.

The Chastep is made of soft foam for the kids’ convenience. It features 100% Polyurethane as this ball is made in compliance with the European standard EN-71 for the kids’ toys. Since the PU used in the construction of this ball is phthalate free, it makes it an Eco-friendly material with a longer life span.


Chastep is offering a 100% money back guarantee with this ball, so if you aren’t satisfied with its quality, you can return it for a full refund. No questions will be asked as the manufacturer is extra sure about the quality of this product.

As per the kids who can use this ball, it is designed for users who’re 3+ years of age. Children can play with this ball, and when it is quite soft, they can learn the art of blocking as well as heading a soccer ball without hurting themselves. Finally, it comes in 4 different colors as in addition to Blue/Black; customers can purchase it in Orange/Black, Yellow/Black, and Orange/Blue color combination.

So if your little one is fond of soccer, the Chastep 8inch soccer ball can be a valuable addition to his footballing arsenal.


  • Made of Eco-friendly materials
  • Comes with a Money Back Guarantee
  • Soft construction makes it a decent soccer ball for kids


  • A bit dense as per some user’s likings

Best Indoor Soccer Ball

Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball

Coming from a famous manufacturer in the field of Indoor Soccer Balls, Mikasa has come up with yet another beauty in the form of SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball. Featuring a stylish yellow design, this product is entirely hand-stitched for ultimate durability.

The SX50 comes in a standard size 5 with a similar weight and size as that of the outdoor soccer ball. Hence, you don’t have to spend much time getting used to this ball. Apart from using it on an indoor court, you can use it on a baseball as well as a tennis court without any hindrance.


The felt cover draws a precise amount of bounce for an indoor soccer ball. It is durable as well so you can smash this ball as hard as you want and it won’t lose its shape.

When the SX50 is relatively expensive than other balls in this category, it comes with a 1-year warranty. So even when you’ve to pay big bucks at the start, you don’t have to worry about the ball getting torn apart after a few months of usage.

But here’s the kicker.

If you’re planning to use this ball for Futsal, don’t. As compared to the size of four futsal balls, the SX50 is a regular size INDOOR ball with a greater degree of bounce. So as long as you use it for indoor soccer, this ball will produce the highest level of performance.


  • Durable Felt Cover
  • Hand-stitched construction
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not easy to clean

Best Soccer Ball Under $30

Adidas Messi Soccer Ball

The Adidas Messi Soccer Ball comes in 5 different color combinations. It is a part of the Lionel Messi Soccer collection which is one of the finest players this world has ever seen.

You can purchase it in size 1, 3, 4, and 5. When the size 1 is a mini ball, size three ball should be bought by all such kids who’re 8 or fewer years old. As per the footballers who’re older than 12, they should go for the regular size 5 Soccer Ball.


Available at a modest price tag, the Messi Soccer Ball combines machine stitched construction with a wound nylon carcass. On ordering this product, it comes inflated, so there is no need to spend money on a soccer pump for any such purpose. Once it arrives at your doorstep, it can be used straight away for a game of soccer.

Also present in this ball is the Butyl Bladder, which is a unique mechanism when it comes to excellent air retention. In addition to the Adidas logo, the manufacturer has designed this product with fine graphics on its outer layer.

So if you don’t want to spend too heavily on this purchase, but still want a quality product from a trusted brand, have a look at the Adidas Messi Soccer Ball.


  • Wound Nylon Carcass boasts maximum durability
  • Comes in a range of colors/sizes
  • Stylish graphics


  • Bit too soft

Best Adidas Soccer Ball

Performance Confederations Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball

The Performance Confederations Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball from Adidas is unique in the sense that it contains the printed logo of the FIFA Confederations Cup being played in Russia. It comes in a stylish combo of white, red, power read, and grey.


The Top Glider Soccer Ball is a replica of the match balls which can be purchased by adults and kids alike. When champions from 6 continents along with the World Champion Germany go head to head to clinch one trophy, you can play with almost the same ball which is being used by professional footballers for a much lesser price.

Featuring 100% TPU in its construction, this Soccer ball oozes durability from the first day of usage. It is machine stitched – for high performance – and has a butyl bladder for better air retention. And when it has the famous Adidas logo on its outer layer, there is nothing left to be desired.

Hence, if you’re an avid fan of Adidas and wants to have something which is a decent fusion of style and durability, the Adidas Performance Confederations Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball is worth a shot.


  • Doesn’t wear out quickly
  • Suitable outer layer incorporating 100% TPU
  • Stylish Colour Scheme


  • Have to add air since it comes deflated

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