Best 10 Soccer Cleats For Kids

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When your kid decides to try soccer, the only thing left to do is to buy the right equipment and support your little one. You need to start do due diligence about it and learn what he/she needs for training well and become, eventually, a great soccer player.

Even if a good pair of soccer cleats don’t turn your kid in the best player overnight, wearing the wrong ones isn’t wise either. You don’t just go ahead and buy a pair of soccer cleats. You need to learn a thing or two about it, check the reviews, and tops, and only afterward make a decision.

What’s the brief description of soccer cleats?

The top part of the shoes is soft, lightweight, and has a low-profile altogether. Soccer cleats need to provide a good feel of the ball. The bottom part (the outsole) should ensure protection, traction, and structure. The inner part of the soccer cleats (the midsole) has to feature some padding for efficient shock absorption.

Which materials are used?

Leather and synthetic materials are the most common options for soccer cleats. Even if leather may stretch in time for the best fit, synthetic fabrics maintain their shape for a longer time.

Synthetic materials make an excellent choice for youth soccer players as they’re versatile, lightweight, waterproof, taking the use for a long time. Unlike leather cleats that may need some time to break-in, the synthetic soccer cleats are ready to wear right out of the box.

What else should you consider when buying?

Some other aspects count for the quality of the soccer cleats for kids:

  • Lacing

A pair of soccer cleats with an asymmetrical lacing system ensures a full kicking surface. Look for the cleats that have a texturized upper that provides a better grip of the ball.

  • Type of playing surface

Remember that cleats are made for specific playing surfaces (soft, ground, and synthetic fields). Here’s some guidance on that:

  • Firm-ground cleats work amazing for kids that have just started playing soccer
  • indoor soccer shoes have no cleats, and they can serve as street shoes as well.
  • the inside of the cleats

It’s better that you select soccer cleats with inner sock liner. They ensure a better fit and wick moisture away from the feet. They’re lightweight and come with thin padding that provides shock absorption.

Let’s go shopping!

Don’t forget that there are many things to learn about when selecting the soccer cleats for your offspring. Ask the coach, have a word with some parents, and read the reviews. The more you know about soccer cleats, the more straightforward the selection process is going to be. And you want your kid to wear the best soccer cleats right from the start.

TOP 10 Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

   1. Adidas Kids’ Icon 4

If your kid already figured out which position he/she likes on the field, it’s even easier for you to buy the right soccer cleats. And if it’s speed and power you’re looking in the soccer cleats, you should take a leap of faith with the Adidas Kids’ Icon 4.

The soccer cleats are made with synthetic but include nubuck upper. The nubuck is going to feel a lot more comfortable and give a great feel of the ball. Besides, it takes the use for a long time.

The list of features continues with the perforated vamp, which gives breathability. The feet don’t get sweaty, no matter how long the training lasts.

The outsole is made with molded rubber, providing efficient traction on all sorts of surfaces, no matter the position your kid is playing. However, the soccer cleats are great for hitting and fielding, making your little one the fastest on the field.

The soccer cleats run true to size, and the craftsmanship is excellent. They also look cute, which may be a selling point for many.

Let’s list our favs:

  • They’re made with a nubuck upper for increased comfort and durability
  • The vamp is perforated for adequate ventilation
  • The molded rubber outsole sustains traction for fielding and hitting
  • They look cute and are well-made

For this kind of price, some flaws should be expected:

  • Some consider the laces to be too long
  • One may think that they’re on the narrow side

Regardless of the minor issues, the soccer cleats are fun, comfortable, and great for giving your kid speed on the field.

   2. Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes

Colorful and comfortable, the Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes is an excellent option for kids of all ages. The cleats are made with synthetic, so they’re ready to wear right out of the box. The rubber sole help with the traction and the design of the cleats is good for soccer.

The anti-stretch lining is both active and long-lasting, whereas the collar lining and padded heel increase your kid’s comfort. The rubber outsole gives traction and has a two-color molded look. It looks cool and feels fantastic. When it comes to the looks, your kid will also like the two-colored textured synthetic upper.

The cleats are well-made, with stitched outsole giving durability feel to the soccer cleats. They run correct to size and fit wide feet. One with high instep is also going to find them comfortable.

Let’s have a second look at the right parts:

  • They come with a rubber sole and anti-stretch lining
  • The collar lining and padded heel ensure contrast
  • They come in pretty color combinations
  • They have a durable feel

We’re not concerned about the downsides:

  • The material feels a bit cheap
  • The risk for blisters isn’t null

All in all, soccer cleats are comfortable, reliable, and fun for kids playing soccer.

   3. Adidas Kids’ Ace 16.4 FxG J

The Adidas Kids’ Ace 16.4 FxG J Soccer Shoe tick most boxes in terms of material, level of comfort, reliability, and functionality. It’s why you should put them on your shopping list.

The cleats have a synthetic sole, with an original mesh upper that offers a comfortable fit. It’s a sock-like fit, which helps the kid feel the ball for better control at high speed.

The upper part features ultra-thin film, which keeps both debris and water away from inside of the cleats.

Since they’re designed for firm ground, kids playing on artificial grass (long-bladed synthetic fiber) are going to like them for the high-speed control and stability. The control stud alignment provides stability, even when playing at high speed.

The slim design and excellent fit turn the soccer cleats into a sure buy, with low risk for developing blisters.

Some features do stand out:

  • The prime mesh upper gives a sock-like fit for increased control of the ball
  • The film on upper protects against dirt and debris
  • They provide stability and high-speed control
  • They’re comfortable and long-lasting

Don’t worry about the flaws, since they’re minor:

  • Since they’re thin, the possible injuries feel worse
  • The arch support is minimal

Not only that the soccer cleats are affordable, but they also give control and great feel of the ball. Any kid playing soccer for a while now is going to like that about their soccer cleats!

   4. Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe

Many kids find the Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) a comfortable and useful pair of soccer cleats, no matter the position on the field.

The soccer cleats are made with a shiny synthetic leather upper which provides soft performance. The cleats are ready to use out of the box and don’t need a break-in period. They also look attractive.

The material is water-resistant and lightweight, so your kid can wear them on a rainy game, for a long time.

We should also mention the outsole, which is stitched to the upper and riveted. The craftsmanship gives the cleats a durability feel. The outsole is made with two-color molded rubber, offering comfort and traction.

The cleats feel lightweight and seem sturdy, with their beautiful colors sealing the deal.

We’re considering the following the selling points:

  • They’re made with synthetic leather upper
  • They’re lightweight and ensure comfort wear
  • The outsole is stitched to upper and riveted
  • They look cute

The issues aren’t that big of a deal:

  • One may find them a bit stiff at first
  • They may feel tight to some

All in all, the soccer cleats give stability, traction, and comfortable feel, which is enough for most kids playing soccer.

   5. Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe

Lightweight and reliable for summer games, the Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe is a sure thing when looking for soccer cleats.

They come with a synthetic sole and synthetic leather upper, which explains both the long life span and a high level of comfort. The upper part is soft to allow for give, and also feels soft against the skin.

The cleats are breathable, whereas the outsole is flexible for increased traction on firm ground (dry natural grass, for instance). The cleats give stability and speed on firm surfaces.

The risk for causing sores is minimal, and the soccer cleats aren’t just dependable, but also nice looking. You may spot clean if need be.

Let’s list the things we like the most about the soccer cleats:

  • They’re made with synthetic leather
  • The outsole is flexible and ensures traction on firm ground
  • They offer speed and stability for firm ground
  • They’re lightweight and present good ventilation

The downsides aren’t important:

  • Some think that they’re too thin
  • The fit may be narrow for some

Breathable, lightweight, and useful for traction, speed, and stability on firm ground, the soccer cleats are money well spent.

   6. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats

Even if the looks are the first thing to notice on Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats, the soccer cleats bring a lot more than cute appearance to the table.

Great for kids that are new to soccer, the cleats provide a comfortable fit and are ready to wear out of the box. They’re made with synthetic material for the upper part and feature a rubber sole. Your kid doesn’t need to break in the soccer cleats, as the material ensures a soft fit from day one. The size is right, and the cleats present enough room to the sides as well.

The sole is flexible and well padded, helping your kid play faster and don’t feel the shock from kicking the ball.

The colors are bright, and the soccer cleats are going to draw attention, for sure. They’re also well made.

We sum it all up for a shortlist of pros:

  • The soccer cleats look cute
  • They’re flexible and comfortable
  • They don’t need to be broken in
  • The sole is well padded, and the fit is good

You shouldn’t change your mind over some minor problems:

  • They run a bit narrow
  • They may not be the best option for a professional-grade soccer game

Regardless of the issues, soccer cleats are reliable, comfortable, and cute looking. Isn’t this what any new soccer player wants from their cleats?

   7. DREAM PAIRS-Football Cleats Shoes

When you want soccer cleats that protect the ankles too, you should take the DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Athletic Soccer Football Cleats Shoes into consideration.

The soccer cleats come with synthetic upper which is textured, for enhanced control of the ball. It’s a long-lasting upper.

The textile lining is soft and breathable, offering free movement of the ankles. Your kid is going to have fantastic traction on the field on the cause of the rubber molded cleats with Rotation Traction design.

Let’s not forget to talk about the outsole, which is TPU-injected, offering responsive speed on both artificial and natural ground.

With the high-top sock protecting the ankles, the soccer cleats stand out as protective and comfortable options for dedicated soccer players.

They also run right to size and come in attractive colors.

We’ve decided on our favs:

  • The insole is cushioned for better comfort
  • The high-top sock offers protection for the ankle
  • They’re reliable for both natural and artificial ground
  • They’re breathable, comfortable, and sustain the free movement for the ankles

Don’t let the minor shortcomings stand in your way when buying:

  • One may have to wear long socks for preventing chafing
  • Putting the cleats on may be tricky at times

Even if the soccer cleats aren’t all roses and rainbows, they’re still a solid choice, especially when you also want something the protect the ankles.

   8. Adidas Kids Unisex Predator 18.3 FG

The Adidas Kids Unisex Predator 18.3 FG (Little Kid/Big Kid) may strike you with the elegant feel, due to the classic red/white or black/white combination. However, they’re a lot more than meets the eye.

The soccer cleats come with synthetic upper and boot design, which explains the supportive fit. The lace-up closure ensures a secure yet comfy fit.

The upper part comes with control embossing, which helps for control of the ball. They are great for receiving and allow accurate kicking.

The textile lining is breathable and allows free movement, whereas the outsole increases rotation, stability, and traction on firm ground surfaces.

The soccer cleats run true to size and work for any position on the field. They have a good grip and are supportive of ankles.

Let’s check the good things once more:

  • They’re great for control of the ball
  • They are efficient to receive and kicking
  • They ensure good grip and traction
  • They have an elegant look

The shortcomings don’t count as deal breakers:

  • One may find them challenging to put on
  • There aren’t many color combinations to choose from

The soccer cleats are a sure choice for firm ground surfaces, as they give traction and proper control of the ball.

   9. Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360

If your kid plays soccer for years, you should pay the extra buck for a pair such as  Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility Kid’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats.


The soccer cleats have a laceless design, which means less fuss about lacing them. They have a bandage system upper, which includes innovative torsion tapes. This detail offers both dynamic and flexible support. The 360 Torsion Tape ensures both medial and later support of the foot.

The design explains the high level of comfort, with the dual lock collar locking down around the ankle. It’s a smart tip that offers support for the explosive motion. We should also mention the Torsion Frame outsole, which is lightweight and comes with torsion ribs for efficient support when pushing off.

The soccer cleats provide fantastic touch on the ball for increased control, and it’s the whole design responsible for that. The one-of-a-kind configuration of the stud explains the traction and sturdiness on firm ground.

The soccer cleats are dependable for the firm and natural surfaces. On top of anything else, they also look incredibly fashionable.

Even though it’s difficult, here are the most impressive good things:

  • They have a laceless design
  • They provide great feel on the ball and increased control
  • They ensure stability and traction on firm natural grass
  • They’re comfortable and look amazing

Far from being deal breakers, the shortcomings may help you complete the image:

  • Putting them on isn’t a breeze
  • One may feel the fit a bit too snug after a while

For the traction, control, stability, and looks, the soccer cleats are one reliable option for any kid playing soccer for years now.

   10. Nike Kids’ Superfly 6 Elite FG

The more you want to spend for your kid’s soccer gear, the more you should expect in terms of design, materials, and performance. The Nike Kids’ Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats is all that, and even if the price is going to throw some off, they’re worth every single penny.

The Flyknit built upper is going to wrap the foot for an all-enveloping design. It’s a second-skin-like feel for the soccer, which is ready to wear right out of the box. No need to break them in.

The fantastic design continues with the 2-part podular plate system, which ensures responsive traction throughout the entire game.

The soccer cleats run true to size and are a good fit even for wide feet. The material keeps dirt and grime away, so you don’t have to clean them any time soon.

The level of comfort is an excellent right from the beginning, with minimal risk for developing blisters or sores. Even if the soccer cleats are made with synthetic materials, they don’t cause an unpleasant smell.

Let’s not forget to highlight the looks, which may be the first thing to notice, anyway.

Here’s the shortlist of pros:

  • They are made with Flyknit
  • They give a snug, yet comfortable fit
  • They ensure responsive traction
  • They look great

A picky customer is going to like having the whole picture, so here are the shortcomings:

  • They’re not cheap
  • It’s not a breeze to put them on

If your kid is dedicated to soccer, you should provide him only the very best gear, which these soccer cleats are.

FAQs on soccer cleats for kids

Q: Are there any differences between cleats for boys and girls?

A: The simple answer is “No.” when you go shopping, you notice that soccer cleats for boys are in the same place as the ones for girls. It’s because their feet aren’t very different. It’s in adolescence when the girls’ feet are going to narrow.

Q: Does the playing style matter when selecting soccer cleats?

A: Even if your kid doesn’t know just yet the position he/she likes best; you should know that the playing style matters a lot. Scroll down for some bits and bobs about it:

  • Defenders need soccer cleats that are protective and ensure crisp passing and crossing of the ball
  • Midfielders work a lot, which is why they need cleats that are comfortable and great for controlling the ball
  • Wingers should get lightweight cleats that give acceleration and pace, but also help when changing direction fast.
  • Forwards need lightweight soccer cleats that help with the fast movements. However, the strike area has to be massive for maximizing shooting.
  • Goalkeepers need cleats that offer traction for fast movements. The strike zone has to be active so that they can strike accurately and powerful.

Q: How to choose size?

A: The sizes are the same as in regular shoe sizes, so you should buy them the same way. Kids grow up fast, and you may be tempted to get a bigger size. However, you don’t want the cleats to be too big- they’re going to be useless if so. It’s best to buy cheaper soccer cleats that work now and slightly more expensive models that are only going to be right in six months.

Q: Are soccer cleats for kids expensive?

A: Luckily for us, numerous brands create soccer cleats for kids. Finding a good pair for your kid for less than $40 isn’t going to be impossible. You just need to take some time and look.


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