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Adidas Soccer Socks

The days when selecting your soccer socks was a breeze are long gone. Back in the day, soccer socks were only protecting against blisters, so they were pretty simple.

Nowadays, a good pair of soccer socks are going to help the player move more comfortable, while still reducing the risk for developing blisters. It keeps the shin guards in place and protects the foot against injuries too.

Should you choose comfortable socks?

Soccer socks work just like any other socks, but they also include features that improve/sustain one’s performance during the game. A dependable pair of socks is going to protect against swelling, scratches, sweat, dirt, and blisters too.

They keep you warm in a cold season and cool during the summertime. Soccer socks keep bacteria and fungi away from the soles of the feet, amongst other things.

No matter your level of performance, you need to select the right soccer sockets so that you’re always comfortable in your soccer shoes.

What makes good soccer socks?

There are some aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing your soccer socks. Here they are:

  • Materials

Due to the technology, the fabric of the soccer socks can render them to be high/low quality. The material impacts the level of comfort, the lifespan, the fit, and the fading.

Excellent material is going to feel comfortable in both hot and cold weather, with cotton being one of the popular choices. Cotton isn’t breathable, which is why spandex, nylon synthetic materials, and polyester are standard options. They’re also great for absorbing moisture and ensure a great fit.

  • Design

Soccer socks have various heights and here the most popular heights:

  • Crew cut- These socks are only a bit higher than the shin guard. They’re suitable for players that need a lot of movement and don’t prevent scraping.
  • Knee-high- The majority of soccer socks are knee-high. They are comfortable and protective, especially against scraping.

What features matter for soccer socks?

Comfort and function are fundamental in soccer socks, so here are the other features that give value to the soccer socks:

  • Breathability- Breathable soccer socks are going to keep your feet dry, no matter how much you’re playing.
  • Seamless build- Seams can lower the level of comfort, causing rubbing.
  • Fast-drying- Feet sweat a lot during a game, which is why most soccer socks are made of synthetic materials that dry fast. Quick-drying socks eliminate moisture, increasing your comfort.
  • Cushioning- The footbed is going to absorb the shock from feet while playing. Soccer socks need to be well-padded for increased protection and comfort.
  • Compressing- Compressed soccer socks are providing stability, helping one move freely on the field.

The last suggestion before you check our Top 10

Wearing the right fit ensures comfort and protection. Even if you get the best socks on the market, wearing the wrong size may cause pain and injury. Don’t forget to check the Feet Size chart before placing your order. The last thing you want is to pay the high dollar for best soccer socks in town only to realize that they’re too loose.

Best 10 Soccer Socks

   1. Adidas Metro IV OTC

The Adidas Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks are both affordable and reliable, which explains their popularity amongst soccer players.

The socks are made with 98% nylon and 2% natural latex rubber,  feeling lightweight and durable, with a close fit. The design is effective, with the socks presenting compression in arch and ankle, for better comfort and support.

It’s Climalite moisture-wicking fabric for the socks, which means that they’re keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your training. The socks stay in place and don’t bunch up.

On top of everything else, the socks are machine washable too.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • They’re made with Climalite moisture-wicking fabric
  • They have compression in arch and ankle area
  • They’re lightweight and easy to machine wash
  • They stay in place and ensure a close fit

The cons aren’t many:

  • The footbed could be more padded
  • They’re not insanely comfortable

Beggars cannot be choosers and, for the buck you’re paying, the soccer socks are one of the best option to buy for your game.

   2. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II

Also made with 98% Nylon and 2% lycra, the Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II (Little Big Kids) are a dependable option to keep in mind when buying.

The technology of the socks is useful so that the socks provide both arch and ankle support. They improve comfort. They’re made with Climalite moisture-wicking material that reduces the risk for moisture. The socks also feature a cooling toe channel for ventilation and cushioned footbed for increased shock absorption.

The cuff build is excellent for cross-stretch and snug fit. The socks are lightweight and don’t shift. The knit-in size indicator on the bottom of the footbed helps find them more comfortable in a big pile of socks.

We should also mention that the cuff may present various type of finishes, including the loose threads or the stripe alignment. None of the impact the durability, though.

We like some qualities of soccer socks:

  • They’re lightweight and supportive
  • They’re comfortable and provide a snug fit
  • The footbed is well-padded for shock absorption
  • They work even for sensitive feet

The inherent flaws are nothing to worry about:

  • Some think that they’re small around the calf
  • They’re not very thick

All in all, as they’re comfortable, moisture-wicking, shock-absorbing, and lightweight, the socks are always a sure buy.

   3. Under Armour Soccer Over the Calf Socks

If classic colors are your thing, you should give the Under Armour Soccer Over the Calf Socks a look.

The socks are made with 68% nylon, 4% spandex, and 28% polyester, and the lightweight knit build of the socks makes them great for soccer. The nylon performance fibers feel beautiful, and the socks don’t wick moisture. Besides, they dry out fast too.

Since they’re made with anti-odor technology, the socks don’t let bad odors building up. They’re made for better comfort, long lifespan, and functionality.

The socks present dynamic arch support, which is going to lower the foot tiredness during practice.

They’re lightweight and maintain the elasticity for a long time.

Here’s our quick look at the positive aspects:

  • The lightweight knit construction is excellent for soccer
  • The socks have dynamic arch support
  • They wick moisture and keep bad odors away from feet
  • They’re supportive, comfortable and dependable

Far from being deal-breakers, here are the negatives:

  • Some think that putting them on is tricky
  • They’re thin

Most of the time, the socks aren’t going to disappoint in terms of comfort, moisture-wicking abilities, or support. Having said that, it’s obvious why you should try them at some point.

   4. TCK Sports Performance Socks

Many are going to love the color patterns of the TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance Socks, but the socks come with plenty of other positive attributes.

They’re made with 64% polypropylene, 7% elastic, 27% nylon, and 2% lycra spandex. They’re high-quality socks and anti-microbial. They keep moisture and bad odor away from your feet.

The design makes them a solid choice for soccer, as they include breathable mesh and arch compression. The ergonomic cushioning protects against impact, whereas the heel and toe construction increase the level of comfort. The top is double welt for more durability and comfort.

The socks feel soft and look so cool. They reduce the risk for blisters and come in many sizes.

Listing our favs:

  • They have a good design
  • They present arch compression and breathable mesh
  • They’re anti-microbial and keep moisture and odor away
  • They protect against impact and feel comfortable

The shortcomings aren’t dreadful:

  • They run small
  • Some wished for the socks to be thicker

The socks are going to go great for soccer games and training, so keep them in mind when shopping.

   5. Kids Soccer Socks

The bright and vibrant colors of Kids Soccer Socks 5 Pack / 1 Pack Knee High Tube Socks are the first thing to notice, but the socks are a lot more than meets the eye.

As the socks are made with 95% nylon and 5% spandex, they ensure a snug fit and fit the shin guards in place. The bottom is made with 85% cotton, 10% nylon, and 5% spandex, which ensure better comfort and protection throughout the game. The sole stays dry, and it’s anti-skid too. It’s a breathable material for the socks, which make the better choice for the cold season.

The socks are high quality and very well made, presenting a durable feel. They’re tear-resistant and handle excess wear.

Due to their stretchy and pressure design, the socks protect the calf muscles and shin bones from possible impact throughout the intense practice.

The socks are easy to wash and come in great colors.

Some things caught our attention more than others:

  • They come in vibrant colors
  • They’re thick and comfortable
  • They’re breathable and protective
  • They keep the shin guards in place

No soccer socks are perfect, so here are the shortcomings for these:

  • The elastic may be more durable
  • Some colors aren’t as pictured (red is one)

Dependable, comfortable, and breathable, the socks are going to make many young soccer players happy and robust while on the field.

   6. NIKE Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks

There are many reasons for which you should take a look at the NIKE Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks. Not only that the socks are made with 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex (providing a close fit), but they’re also made with Dri-Fit technology. It means that they wick away sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfy throughout your game.

The design of the socks recommends them for soccer, with reinforced toe and heel. The detail expands its durability in intense-wear areas. The socks are also left/right-specific, for better fitting.

The arch support is excellent, and the socks ensure a supportive fit. They’re lightweight and comfortable, protecting against light abrasions.

No worries about keeping the socks clean since they are machine washable too.

Some feature impresses us a lot:

  • They’re made with Dri-Fit technology for wicking sweat away
  • The fit is snug
  • The arch support is good
  • They have reinforced toe and heel

We’re not making a drama out of the minor problems:

  • Some think that the fit is too snug
  • The logo is placed a tad low

The socks keep you dry, comfortable, and offer excellent support for arches, which is enough for many soccer players out there.

   7. Adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks

Some may find  Adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks pricey,  but the socks are loaded with qualities that soccer players appreciate.

Since they’re designed for the high standards of elite athletes, the socks impress with their features and performance. Made with 80% nylon, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex, the socks present minimal slippage and don’t lose their qualities even after some time.

The traction areas and the Achilles sustain the grip and stability, whereas the cushioned ankle and foot protect against impact. The socks offer excellent support for the arch and ankle, increasing your confidence.

No worries about getting sweaty in the socks either as they’re made with Climalite moisture-wicking material (it keeps your feet dry and fresh). We also notice the formation left/right-specific, for better fit and comfort.

The list of features continues with the Clima cool mesh channels that increase the breathability of the socks.

Long-lasting, supportive, and comfortable, the socks are also machine washable, ticking most boxes within the category.

Here’s our opinion about the best parts:

  • They present cushioned foot and ankle for better protection and support
  • They have a good grip and don’t slip
  • They take a long time use, without losing their qualities
  • They wick moisture and have left/right-specific design

The minor problems don’t make us change our mind:

  • Some think that they’re not cheap
  • One may feel the elastic too tight

Even if the socks aren’t all roses and rainbows, the socks are a significant investment to make for your game, especially if soccer is your thing.

   8. Elite Athletic Socks – Over The Calf

Great for soccer, but highly dependable for so many other sports (football, softball, baseball, and many more), the Elite Athletic Socks – Over The Calf offer amazing arch and ankle support.

They come with a breathable mesh and are both anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. Due to the material, the socks keep unpleasant odor and moisture away from your feet too. The risk of developing blisters is small when wearing socks.

The sole is cushioned, providing excellent comfort throughout your game. You may wear the socks with or without shin guards. They’re thick enough for protection against impact, yet thin enough to ensure a proper fit of your shoes.

The socks are tight and stay in place, presenting a durability feel. They’re compressive without cutting off circulation and feel amazing. You should machine wash the socks warm, with non-chlorine bleach.

We’ve shortened the positive aspects to the following:

  • They’re anti-microbial and moisture-wicking
  • They protect against impact
  • The sole is cushioned and increases comfort
  • They also provide arch and ankle support

Don’t let the minor problems affect your decision:

  • Some think that they run big
  • One may see them as too long

Regardless of the small issues, the socks offer support, keep moisture away, and feel comfortable. Isn’t this what you want the most in soccer socks?

   9. Elite Performance Athletic Socks

The Elite Performance Athletic Socks – Over The Calf are everything you’d want in a pair of soccer socks and even more.

As they are made for improving your performance, the socks are high for soccer, just like they’re great for so many other sports.

They ensure arch and ankle support, whereas the cushioned sole increases the comfortable. The breathable mesh helps the socks wick moisture, keeping blisters and bad odors away. Let’s not forget that the socks are anti-microbial.

Despite their performance, the socks are lightweight. The extra padding on the footbed doesn’t impact the shoe fitting, and the socks maintain their qualities for a long time.

Well-made and durable, the socks are an essential addition to your soccer equipment.

Let’s check the pros once more:

  • They are reliable for many sports, not only for soccer
  • They ensure arch and ankle support
  • They’re anti-microbial and moisture-wicking
  • They’re lightweight and long-lasting

Bells and whistles aside, here are the downsides:

  • Some wished that the socks would come in more patterns
  • They don’t have labels (L/R) for more comfortable use

It goes without saying that the socks are an excellent option for any soccer player, despite the inherent flaws that they present.

   10. Incarpo Girls Boys Soccer Socks Sports

The price of Incarpo Girls Boys Soccer Socks Sports High Tube Socks Compression Socks can throw some off, but the socks are worth every single penny.

They are made with high-quality fabric: 28.3%chinlon and 71.7% cotton. The bottom is also made with chinlon (10%), cotton (85%), and 5% spandex. They are comfortable, soaking up sweat and drying out fats. The heat dissipation is useful, and the socks keep bad odors away too.

The design explains the comfort and performance. The socks have good elasticity on the upper part, covering a good portion of your legs. They feel smooth and don’t lose their qualities in time, despite regular washing.

Thanks to the strong elastic braid, the socks stay in place and provide stability for the foot. They don’t slip and are highly breathable as well.

Let’s review the best things:

  • They’re breathable, supportive, and soft
  • They keep their elasticity for a long time
  • They are breathable and stay in place
  • They don’t slip and protect the foot

The inherent issues don’t qualify as deal breakers:

  • They’re not very thick
  • Take a look at your wallet as the socks aren’t cheap

Comfortable, functional, soft, long-lasting, and breathable, the socks do stand out with their qualities, even if they may empty your pockets. 

FAQs on soccer socks

Q: Does the weather matter when selecting your soccer socks?

A: You should always think about the playing conditions when selecting your soccer socks. If you’re playing on artificial turf nine times out of ten, you may need extra heat protection. Synthetic turf gets hot in the sun, so you should look for higher and thicker socks.

Q: Which are the best soccer socks for outdoor games?

A: Anyone playing outdoors in all weather should get socks that present high moisture-wicking abilities, with cotton being the worst option. Compression socks work as well in the spring.

Q: Can you find the right soccer socks online?

A: Yes, you can, but you need to be more careful than in-store. Take a look at the sizing chart, look for the details, and buy the socks a couple of weeks before the game. Check out the images, read the reviews, and don’t miss any details when deciding on the model.

Q: How many pairs of socks do you need?

A: A pair of crazy soccer socks for practice and a low-key pair for the game-day can work, most of the time. Stay away from the vibrant colors and the silly patterns for the game. It’s wise to get several pair of socks so that you don’t do laundry every single day.

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