Best Wrestling HeadGear


A high-quality headgear is necessary for every wrestler. Regardless of the age or the experience of the user, this particular equipment is imperative to save him from suffering severe injuries. So if you want to stay protected during the practice as well as real competitions, the below-mentioned wrestling headgears will serve your purpose.

Top 3 Best Wrestling Head Gear Reviews

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear

The Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear is a top rated product which will protect your head from potential injuries. It is available in a wide range of colors so you can choose any one of them as per your style or personality. And when it is possible with an affordable price tag, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing this beauty.

Featuring Air Vent technology, this headgear is extremely breathable. Such kind of construction maintains a cool head during an intense match of wrestling. It also has 80% greater sound technology so while you’re wearing this headgear, you can listen clearly. It is a vital feature for anyone who wants to talk to his coaches in training or listen to his opponents in a real match.


To make sure that this headgear stays on your head, the manufacturer has made use of the power tab on-the-fly strappings system. Thanks to such a mechanism, this headgear is extremely easy to adjust as it fits precisely in a matter of a few seconds. So no matter what happens, this helmet won’t slip from your head under any circumstances.

The Tornado Headgear comes with Ultra-deep ear cups which provides the utmost protection without compensating on the comfort of its users. The shell used around the ear region is quite hard which does well to restrict the impact from reaching your head.


  • Air Vent Technology makes it a breathable headgear
  • Adjusts easily without any hindrance
  • No difficulty in listening even while wearing this equipment


  • Feels a bit snug at the start

ASICS Conquest Ear Guard

If you want to stay safe during an intense game of wrestling, have a look at the Conquest Ear Guard from ASICS. Designed for users who’re relatively new to this sport, this product does exceptionally well regarding keeping the injuries at bay.

The Conquest has an injection molded shell which is quite capable of resisting even the severest of hits. In simple words, it is a sturdy shell which helps you stay focused even after taking a brutal hit.


Coming towards the design, the ASICS Conquest can be purchased in no less than eight different colors. It is stylish yet straightforward in construction, and if you’re looking to wear it for a considerable amount of time, this is a lightweight product.

Inside the ear cups are the EVA pads which make it one of the most comfortable headgears in today’s market. You can wear it for as much time as you want because when it is soft and lightweight, it won’t interfere with your game.

One thing which users often complain about their headgears is the straps slipping off their heads during the match. However, there is no such thing with the Conquest as once adjusted; its straps will stay on your head without any discrepancy.

So if you’re looking for a durable product, one which can be used for a few seasons of wrestling, the ASICS Conquest Ear Guard is worth a shot.


  • Injection Molded Shell protects your head
  • Lightweight headgear can be purchased in a wide range of designs
  • EVA Pads does well regarding shock absorbance


Question marks on the straps durability

Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear

The Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear presents an ideal solution to all such wrestlers who don’t want this safety equipment to slip off their heads. Featuring a full-length strap, this headgear can be worn around your head and ears comfortably. It is devoid, of any slippage and when the straps are adjustable, users with different head sizes can purchase this product without any second thought.

Coming towards its construction, the Matman Headgear has made of plastic ear cups to protect your ears. If you often experience swollen ears, the soft fabric, which is used on the inside and the outside of this headgear, protects you from any such situation. Moreover, it is gentle towards your opponents as well so you won’t hear many complaints about the toughness of this safety gear.


Even though it isn’t the primary purpose of any headgear, Matman is still offering this headgear in 8 different colors. So you can choose this product in a color which suits your personality.

One thing where this headgear needs a minor improvement is the chin strap. It is made of quite a hard MOC without proper padding. So when you wear this headgear, it feels a little bit scratchy. Other than that, this product has got all the features – in terms of design, performance, and size – which one could look for in a decent adult headgear.


  • Breathable Headgear protects your head from warming
  • Sits nicely on the head, devoid of any slippage
  • No issues with sizing, one size fits most of the users


Chin Strap is a bit uncomfortable

Best Youth Wrestling Headgear

ASICS Youth Gel Ear Guard

Coming from a reputable brand, the ASICS Youth Gel Ear Guard is an ideal headgear for amateurs who’re relatively new to this game. Especially for the young ones, this safety gear allows them to learn the traits of wrestling without risking their safety.

The ASICS Ear Guard is quite easy to put on as in addition to a couple of straps; it has a comfortable chin strap to allow a precise fit. The top straps are adjustable and once properly adjusted, you don’t have to readjust them for a good few months. Moreover, you can use it straight out of the box and in comparison to other such headgears, the chins strap won’t rub underneath your chin.


There are little holes designed on the sides of ear cups to assist users while wearing this headgear. You can listen to your coaches between rounds or even during a class as it won’t impair your hearing capacity. As a result, users don’t have to take off this equipment now and then to listen to the instructions of their trainers.

ASICS have inserted a special GEL which imparts shock absorbance as well as protection to this headgear. During a wrestling encounter, it softens the blows which eventually helps its owner to fight against the cauliflower ears.

So if you’re looking for a youth wrestling headgear in an affordable price range, this one ticks all the right boxes. Because not only it is inexpensive, it comes preloaded with a set of hi-fi features as well.


  • Ideal for a wide range of users thanks to the adjustable straps
  • GEL cushioning makes it a sturdy headgear
  • Comfortable chin strap doesn’t rub against your skin


Top straps take some time for adjusting