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When it comes to wrestling, shoes play a pivotal role in a player’s success in this particular sport. From providing the necessary traction to keeping you safe and healthy, it is a vital part of any wrestler’s armory. Moreover, if you want to be quick and agile during the match, suitable footwear can give you an extra advantage over your competitor.

So whether you’re a beginner who is looking to make inroads in wrestling or even a professional with loads of experience, investing in the best wrestling shoes can have positive effects on your entire game.

Top 5 Best Wrestling Shoes Reviews

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

They are featuring a simple design, the Loading product data.ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes are ideal for those who want to spend within a budget. Even at when it is available at a modest price tag, users will still get excellent support from this particular shoe. This product is designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of wrestlers so regardless of your skill level, you can purchase these shoes without any second thought.

Starting with the traction which this shoe offers, the rubber outsole of the Matflex 5 grips very well. For users who hate the idea of slipping in front of their competitors, this product will keep them from slipping on the wrestling mat.


As per the weight, this is a lightweight product by all means. You can wear it all day, and it won’t cast any fatigue for the user’ convenience. Furthermore, the breathability is offered by the Matflex 5 is entirely up to the mark which saves your feet from sweating and ultimately, from smelling.

The manufacturer of this shoe has provided a lacing mechanism which is more than enough to give you a precise fit. Apart from wrestling, you can wear it for the gym as well as your boxing endeavors as this is a durable product thanks to the sturdy construction.

However, one thing where users have to vary about this product is its sizing. It runs small so before ordering one for yourself, consider going a size bigger than your actual feet dimensions.


  • Features excellent grip on the wrestling mat
  • Weight is not an issue with these shoes
  • Durable Product retains its shape even after rough usage


  • Devoid of proper ankle support

Adidas HVC 2 Wrestling Shoe

The Adidas HVC 2 Wrestling Shoes has got all the features which one could expect from a hi-fi wrestling shoe. Comfortable in design with an unmatchable grip, this product has undoubtedly lived up to the expectations which users usually associate with an Adidas footwear. Apart from its superior feature-set, the HVC 2 can be purchased in 4 stylish designs. So as far as the fashion-oriented customers are concerned, it will make their presence felt in the wrestling arena.

Featuring a meshed construction, the HVC 2 allows a regular passage of air without any restriction. This is an essential feature for all such users who are going to spend a considerable amount of time while wrestling in this footwear. Because apart from keeping the moisture at bay, this layer of mesh will keep their feet from stinking.


For enhanced durability, Adidas have combined high-quality suede with synthetic leather in this shoe’s construction. Moreover, both these materials combine effectively regarding making it lightweight footwear so users can be quick on their feet during training or in real wrestling encounters.

On the bottom is a rubber outsole which runs along the entire length of this shoe. Users can depend on the grip which this shoe produces as it will help them to stay sure-footed. Particularly on the MMA mats, it will keep the fighter from slipping at just the wrong time.

Finally, the HVC 2 has elasticized rubber straps when it comes to making sure that users will have a precise fit inside these shoes. However, finding a proper size might be an issue with some customers as this product runs smaller.


  • A layer of mesh keeps your feet dry
  • Lightweight construction makes it a comfortable footwear
  • Provides a secure fit with the elasticized lace straps


  • Runs small

ASICS Men’s Snapdown Wrestling Shoe

The ASICS Snapdown Shoe combines high performance with a reasonable price tag for an amateur to mid-level users, the. Featuring leather as well as synthetic materials in their upper’s construction, this footwear provides additional foot support with an increased level of breathability. A single layer of mesh has been integrated into the top’s structure, and users will also get a beautiful textile lining in this product for enhanced breathability. So as long as you’re wearing this shoe, it will keep your feet devoid of even a hint of moisture.

For increasing a wrestler’s performance on the mat, the ASICS Snapdown incorporates distinct traction pods on its rubber outsole. When a wrestler has to move around quite a bit on the mat, such sort of construction helps him to enjoy unparalleled traction on this particular surface.


The ASICS Snapdown comes with a cushioned footbed to save its owner from suffering foot fatigue. For keeping the laces in place, it has a lace garage, so you don’t have to use any athletic tape to make these shoes compatible for wrestling.

Finally, users can purchase this product in no less than four different designs as apart from the Black/Silver, you can have it in Grey/True Blue, Navy/Silver, and Shark/Hot Orange colors. So if you want a wrestling shoe which is comfortable to wear and provides decent traction on the mat, the ASICS Snapdown is well worth a shot.


  • Traction pods enhance the user’s grip on the wrestling mat
  • Cushioned footbed allows users to wear this shoe for a longer duration
  • Flexible upper helps you to move quickly


Not ideal for customers with wider feet

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero XIV Wrestling Shoes

If you don’t want to worry about slipping over wrestling mat, the Performance Adizero XIV Wrestling Shoesfrom Adidas provides excellent traction to a large variety of customers. It is featuring a rubber sole, this shoe grips well with the underneath terrain which saves the wrestler from sliding all over the surface. So when there’s nothing more important than proper traction in the wrestling shoes, this provides loads of it continuously.

As evident from the name, the Adizero is a highly lightweight shoe so that wrestlers can move quickly in this footwear. It is available in 10 eye-popping designs which allow everyone to choose this product in his/her favorite color.

Coming towards the upper, a combination of synthetic + textile makes it a flexible wrestling shoe. Users will enjoy unmatched breathability as Adidas have employed a two-piece Engineered Mesh in the shoe’s construction. As a result, it helps your feet to stay dry even after a hectic match of wrestling.

As per the sizing, this shoe runs a bit small. If you have a narrow fit and want to attain a flawless fit, this can be an ideal purchase for you. Moreover, it doesn’t have a lace garage so you might have to use a tape to hide the laces.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur looking for a lightweight wrestling shoe or even an expert who has years of experience behind him as the Adizero XIV boasts top-quality construction.


  • Superior construction makes it a durable wrestling shoe
  • Rubber Sole provides impeccable traction on the wrestling mats
  • Versatile Product can be worn for boxing in addition to wrestling


  • No place to hide in the laces

Asics Men’s Omniflex-Attack Wrestling Shoe

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet high-performing wrestling shoe, have a look the Omni Flex Attackfrom Asics. When Asics is considered as one of the top manufacturer’s in the field of wrestling footwear’s, this is a yet another high-quality shoe designed by Asics.

Featuring a conventional compression fit bootie system in the upper’s construction, it is supported with thin power Urethane Straps throughout to allow the owner of this boot to have a better fit. This is a lightweight construction so when you will be getting high-end support; it won’t be provided at the expense of the weight of this product.


The speed zone lacing system helps you to attain a secure fit, and there is an integrated lace garage to keep the laces in place. This is an important feature for any wrestling shoe so that the users don’t have to use new tapes to hide away their laces.

The Omniflex-Attack can be worn straight out of the box as it needs no break-in period. The shaft of this shoe runs 5.25’’ from the arch’s position. It provides greater ankle support to the owner of this shoe which is particularly useful for customers who might have suffered some ankle injuries in the past.

Also present in the Omniflex-Attack is the quite flexible and extremely durable rubber outsole. The sole of this shoe is specially crafted for wrestling as it has distinct traction zones for the convenience of its user. As a result, a wrestler can stay sure-footed as long as he is wearing this shoe from Asics.


  • Omniflex Sole provides just the right amount of traction on all kinds of mats
  • Compression-Fit Bootie System boasts a precise fit around your feet
  • Additional ankle support to keep your ankle from rolling


  • Some customers complain about the shoe running smaller

Best Nike Wrestling Shoes

Nike Mens Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoe

If you’re looking for a high-performing wrestling shoe from Nike, one which is comfortable to wear for a longer duration and boasts unmatched traction on all types of mats, the SPEEDSWEEP VII Men’s Wrestling Shoes are worth a try.

The SWEEDSWEEP VII requires some break-in time as they do feel a bit tight at the first few times of usage. As per the laces, they allow you easy entry and exit into this footwear as a result of their superior design. These laces are adjustable, so depending on your feet size, you can tighten or loosen them as per your convenience.


One thing which I found kind of interesting about this wrestling shoe is its impressive lace guard mechanism. On top of the laces is a Velcro strap which is a vital part of any wrestling footwear. Once you tie the laces, put them under the strap and close it down. Afterward, the shoe is good to go as the Velcro will stop the laces from getting united during the midst of the game.

Nike has designed special mesh sides on the SWEEDSWEEP VII to increase its breathability. Apart from allowing proper ventilation of air, the mesh comes handy regarding making it a lightweight shoe. So if your previous shoes tend to stink after rough usage, no such problem will arise with this particular footwear.

On the bottom of this shoe is a non-skid rubber outsole which performs incredibly well regarding keeping a wrestler sure-footed on the wrestling mats. It also has an EVA Sockliner which provides additional support and keeps your foot from aching.


  • Velcro Strap provides Effective Lace guard mechanism
  • Rubber outsole helps this shoe to stay firm
  • The sturdy product can sustain rough usage


  • Runs too small in size, not ideal for customers with wider feet

Best Wrestling Shoes for Powerlifting

Pendlay Men’s 14PBlack – Weightlifting Shoes

One of the best shoes for powerlifting, the 2013 Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes are designed for customers with wider feet. When such type of clients often has to face serious problems regarding finding footwear which fits well to their foot size, this shoe runs wider than other similar products in today’s market.

As compared to the earlier versions, the 2013 Pendlay is much stronger incorporating a single sole construction. It has a standard heel height of ¾ inches which helps users to perform their squats nicely and easily. The material which is used to raise the heel is none other than plastic so users can expect a better quality of traction from this product.


Pendlay has used a combination of synthetic + nylon mesh in the construction of this shoe. When the former makes it a durable product, the latter increases its breathability. Moreover, the Do-win comes with a 90-day warranty which tells you a great deal about the quality of these shoes.

For keeping the laces in place, this shoe is designed with a couple of straps. Once you tie up the laces, put them under the straps, and they will do just fine for the entire session of weightlifting. The overall lacing mechanism is well crafted to keep your foot from moving which is of the vast essence for anybody involved in serious weightlifting events.

So when it comes to weightlifting shoes, where customers typically look for safety and accuracy in their desired footwear, the Do-Win Cross Fit shoes have it all at an affordable price.


  • An ideal shoe for users with wider feet
  • Single-sole construction make sure that the customer gets the utmost support
  • Laces with straps provide a secure fit around your feet


  • Question marks about the shoe’s durability

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