Outdoor Basketball Shoes Vs. Indoor Shoes- Which One Do You Need for Your A+ Game?

Outdoor Basketball Shoes

With basketball being one of the most popular and attractive games at the moment, one can easily understand why people are into it so big. It comes with special equipment and allows you to play it both inside and outside.

Are basketball shoes significant for your game?

Even though a pair of basketball shoes isn’t going to help you get that point, they can surely help you get better at it. And you don’t know the difference between good and lousy basketball shoes until you miss that shot BECAUSE of your shoes.

Finding the right pair of basketball shoes, and it’s not only because there are myriads of options. The fact that indoor shoes differ from the outdoor models is also essential, which is why any basketball player should take time when selecting.

Using indoor basketball shoes on the outdoor court isn’t a drama, but it can worsen your performance. It can also lead to an injury, which nobody wants.

With the outdoor surface being more rugged than the indoor surface, it makes sense that the basketball shoes present different features. They need to provide speed, traction, and stability on two different types of surfaces, and anyone playing basketball for a while approves us.

What makes the outdoor basketball shoes different from the indoor type?

When you pay attention to details, noticing the differences between the two types of basketball shoes isn’t going to be difficult.

Let’s check the main aspects one by one for a clearer explanation:

  • Sole& traction

The sole and traction are going to be the very first things to notice about your basketball shoes, revealing the main difference between the two categories.

The majority of outdoor basketball shoes comes with sturdy soles that are made of rubber material. Since the sole counts for the traction, its quality is going to impact your overall performance in the game. The traction is fundamental for outdoor basketball as the players need stability and balance throughout the game.

Even if the indoor basketball shoes come as well with a rubber sole, the material isn’t as rigid as in the case of outdoor shoes. They’re not able to provide the same traction as the outdoor shoes since you don’t need impressive traction or balance in an indoor basketball game.

Don’t get us wrong! You need good sole and traction no matter where you’re playing basketball, but the traction and rigid soles are far more critical when playing it outside.

  • Grip

When you’re playing indoor basketball, the surface is smooth and clean, which means that grip is more comfortable to obtain.

It’s not the same for the outdoor game where the uneven and rigid surfaces require an incredible grip from the shoes. Therefore, outdoor basketball shoes always need to ensure an excellent grip for the player.

  • Material

With outdoor basketball, including exposure to elements, it makes sense that outdoor basketball shoes have to be more robust and stronger than the indoor type. They have to be breathable and resistant to wear, dust, and elements.

Netting, mesh, and synthetic leather are common materials used for outdoor basketball shoes. They ensure efficient ventilation and reduce the risk of sweating.

When you’re playing indoor basketball, you play in a controlled environment, and you don’t need to deal with hot weather or rainy day. It’s why indoor basketball shoes are less breathable and typically made with solid material. It’s supposed to be comfortable, but not a solid choice for the outdoor game.

  • The build

Due to the challenges of outdoor basketball, the outdoor shoes cannot take the use for a very long time. It’s why indoor shoes are more durable than the outdoor type. Even the best options within the outdoor shoe category aren’t going to last as long as the indoor counterparts.

  • Cushioning

Even if both types of shoes come with padding, the amount of cushioning differs from one another. The outdoor basketball shoes present better-cushioning abilities, since the outdoor surface is more robust and harder than the indoor surface. Outdoor basketball shoes present increased cushion structure nine times out of ten.

  • Footstep

The size of the step also makes a difference between the indoor and outdoor basketball shoes, with the latter presenting a larger footstep pattern. The pattern goes all over the bottom of the shoes. Large size footstep is going to provide better comfort, which counts so much for outdoor game.

The shoe footstep is smaller for indoor shoes and has more blank space. They’re also comfortable, but the surface is less strenuous for the feet, requiring a smaller footstep.

Indoor or outdoor-which should be your final choice?

It’s no secret for anyone that basketball shoes are no typical shoes, with both categories being made for the indoor or outdoor surfaces. There are benefits and downsides for each type of shoes, and you need to choose according to your needs.

If you like playing indoor basketball more than outdoor, it makes sense that you get yourself a good pair of indoor basketball shoes. When you’re playing outside a lot, the outdoor basketball shoes should be your no.1 choice for the obvious reasons. You can take the outdoor shoes for indoor games any now and then, but you’re not going to be able to do the same with the indoor shoes. They’re going to fail on giving you traction, balance, or grip, posing even high risk for an injury during the game.

One last piece of recommendation

If basketball is your thing, then the chances are that you play both inside and outside. We also put our money where the mouth is and state that you own both indoor and outdoor basketball shoes.

Anyone new to the game may sit on the fence, as it’s challenging to figure out which kind of game they like most. Take a leap of faith and get a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes since you’ll be able to use them indoor too only until you figure out which kind of game is YOUR thing!