The Essential Things to Check when Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Outdoor Basketball Shoes

If you’re new to basketball, you need to learn the basics of basketball shoes before shopping. Upper, midsole, midfoot, ankle collar, and tongue- these are all meaningful words that count a lot for the overall performance of your shoes and your performance on the court as well.

What are the general guidelines when selecting outdoor basketball shoes?

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The more you know about the parts and materials of your basketball shoes, the easier is going to be for you to make the right choice. It’s vital that you know which type of shoes brings the best comfort for your needs. Some love a mid-high shoe, whereas others can only play with the high-top shoes. It’s all about how you feel in the court while playing.

For instance, if you’re a tough forefoot player, a shoe that comes with plenty of cushioning in the forefoot should be your no.1 option. At the same time, if you’re a guard or a striker, a shoe with enough cushioning in the heel section is going to work better as it protects against impact.

Your skill level also plays a big part when selecting your basketball shoes. Don’t go with the high-end, top of the top, outdoor basketball shoes when you’ve only been playing for a couple of months. Look for a simpler model instead. An experienced player should look for shoes that come with impressive features, nevertheless.

Let’s see the main factors to consider when selecting outdoor basketball shoes!

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There are many aspects to think about when playing outdoor basketball. The rough surface requires durable and rugged materials for the outsole, whereas a good grip and stability are just as important.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Long lasting outsole

When you’re looking for outdoor basketball shoes, the durability of the outsole is fundamental. Outdoor basketball involves plenty of uneven courts with dust, stone, and impurities that have a negative effect on the rubber of the outsole.

It’s why the rubber of the outsole should be rugged enough for handling the surface. When it doesn’t, you’re simply throwing money out the window as the basketball shoes fail the durability test.

The majority of basketball shoes is made for indoor games, which is why they come with soft rubber outsole. You know that you’ve run into a dependable pair of outdoor basketball shoes when they come with hard rubber for the outsole.

  • Support and stability

Basketball implies plenty of sudden moves and quick changes, which is why support and stability become essential for excellent performance.

If you want to get that, the shoes should come with specific features. When your shoes don’t deliver support or stability, you’re only going to increase your risk for injuries during the game.

You need to try different types of basketball shoes to see, which gives enough support for your needs. For instance, high-top shoes can offer better ankle support, but they’re more substantial, so you need to decide which counts the most for you.

  • Traction

One thing you should never skip on when selecting your basketball shoes is the traction that they ensure. When the outsole lacks a good grip, the risk for you slipping during the game is pretty high. The grooves of the pattern are fundamental for the traction of any shoe, not only the basketball shoe.

For instance, when the spaces between the grooves are full, the dust is going to collect between the slots, which is going to reduce the traction in time. You want the traction pattern of the shoe to cover the entire area of the shoe. The grip has to be impressive, no matter the surface you’re going to be playing.

Long story short, grooves that are spread all over the pattern and excellent grip on dusty surfaces are selling points for outdoor basketball shoes.

  • Fit

You need the basketball shoes to fit as if they don’t; you’re not going to be able to focus on your game. Don’t hesitate to try on various types and sizes until you figure out which gives the best fit and comfort. You can buy them online afterward.

  • Comfort

The comfort of your basketball shoes is fundamental for your performance. The last thing you want when playing is not to be able to focus on the cause of some hot spots from the shoes. You want your outdoor basketball shoes to have proper padding at the forefoot so that your foot doesn’t beat at the toe box. But that’s one of the things to pay attention.

  • Price

Don’t be surprised if outdoor basketball shoes come for a higher rate than indoor shoes. They’re made of more durable and more robust materials, including technology that ensures excellent performance on the outdoor court.

It’s better that you stay away from the bargain prices. Even though a low price is appealing, more often than not the basketball shoes aren’t going to take the outdoor use for long, so you’re going to end up having to buy another pair even sooner than expected.

What are the main types of outdoor basketball shoes?

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Even though the color combinations and the styles are many, there are only three main categories of outdoor basketball shoes out there:

  • High-top shoes

They are the most popular choice amongst the outdoor basketball frenzies. The collar section protects the entire area above the ankles and the Achilles. They’re great for the ankles as they reduce the risk for ankle injuries. Be aware that they’re more massive than the other types of basketball shoes, so it’s up to you to decide what counts the most.

  • Mid-top shoes

The collar areas spreads a bit higher than the low-top shoe. Many seasoned players fancy this type of footwear as they provide both stability and support. Keep in mind that the mid-top shoes don’t give adequate ankle protection.

  • Low-top shoes

They’re lightweight shoes as the materials used for the collar section miss. They provide no ankle support, but they improve your speed due to the thin build. They’re an excellent choice for anyone looking for agility and speed on the court.

What are the benefits of outdoor basketball shoes?

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There are many good things that outdoor basketball shoes bring to the table.

Since the indoor shoes are soft, they also wear out faster and cannot provide the grip that the outdoor shoes can. Outdoor basketball shoes ensure both stability and durability, so they’re a wise investment for the long run.

The outsole of outdoor basketball shoes is made with a long-lasting and robust material that takes excess use on the outdoor courts.

The build and the materials make the the outdoor basketball shoes last longer than the indoor counterparts. Besides, you can take the outdoor shoes inside too, whereas the indoor shoes don’t handle the outdoor court very well.

What’s the final takeaway?

Let’s sum it all up and list the main things to consider when buying outdoor basketball shoes:

  • They should provide efficient traction on dusty courts
  • The outer sole has to be made of hard and long lasting rubber
  • The upper has to be robust and resilient
  • Great fit, excellent comfort, ankle protection, impact protection, efficient breathability, and enough padding are also essential.

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