The Ultimate Buying Guide for Basketball Shoes

Ultimate Buying Guide for Basketball Shoes

Your performance shouldn’t be the only thing helping you stand out on the court; a beautiful, flashy, comfortable pair of basketball shoes can also do that for you.

The fast-paced and energetic sport that basketball is has so many fans out there. The lighting-fast breakaways or the astonishing passes are only a few of the many that make it such a favorite sport. Players cannot do it on their own, and incredible gear can improve their performances. The right pair of shoes can make a difference.

As they’re designed with comfort, performance, and fashion in mind, the basketball shoes come with features that take on from the bench to the paint in a blink of an eye.

Does your style matter when selecting your pair of basketball shoes?

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When it comes to basketball shoes, your playing style, and abilities on court matter a lot, do you like shooting from a long-range or is playing in the key your thing? Power and aggression say a lot about you on the court, or it’s the speed that defines your playing style? Do you like to hang back and concentrate on getting back in transition? Do you like looking for all rebounds instead?

Not wearing the right pair of shoes is a problem for all athletes, not only for the basketball players. The more you know about your playing style, the easier is going to be for you to find that pair of shoes that bring your performance to the next level.

What matters the most when buying basketball shoes?

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The majority of basketball shoes include three main parts: the upper, the midsole, and the outsole. Every piece comes with features that matter for durability and overall performance. Therefore, it’s essential that you know about the features for each section so that you manage to make the right choice at the end of it all.

  • Upper

The first thing to make out your mind when it comes to the upper is the height. There are low, mid, and high basketball shoes, and each of them comes with benefits and downsides.

  • Low- these basketball shoes are made for agility and speed. They’re an excellent choice for guards that want to race up and down the court. The lower profile doesn’t provide much ankle support.
  • Mid- They ensure an appropriate medium for players when it comes to ankle support. The upper material sits around the ankle, offering amazing coverage, but without an all-enclosing design. They’re increasing one’s flexibility and are dependable for the all-around players or athletes that don’t know their basketball position just yet.
  • High- the upper is wrapping around the ankle, offering an extra layer of stability and support. The additional coverage adds more weight, which is why the high-top basketball shoes are the no.1 choice for the aggressive and large players. Forwards and centers like the high-top shoes on the cause of the coverage and extra support.

Once it’s clear which height you want for your basketball shoes, you should concentrate on the material of the shoes.

  • Soft uppers are made with woven materials that impress with flexibility. They provide comfort, breathability, mobility, and speed. They go great with the low-top shoes.
  • Hard uppers are made of synthetic materials or rubber. They’re long-lasting and supportive but may lack the mobility. They work better for the more aggressive players.
  • The middle ground materials ensure both coverage and strength. They’re mainly synthetic and are a reliable option for the versatile players that seek for an all-around pair of shoes.

The mechanism that makes the uppers stay on the feet matters a lot for one’s performance. You may select from a great variety of closure techniques, with the lacing system still being the most popular choice. They’re light and straightforward, providing a secure and comfortable fit for your shoes.

Hook-and-loop closure, straps, and zippers have become a thing for basketball shoes too. They bring plenty support to the ankle, especially in the case of high-top models, as they include an extra layer of coverage over the classical laces. More coverage also means more weight, so think about it when buying.

  • Midsole

The midsole is where the cushioning is placed, and it’s a fundamental part of any shoe, not only of basketball shoes. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, polyurethane, compressed EVA foam, and a combination of any of these materials are typical options for the midsole.

If you’re looking for light choices, EVA foam and compressed EVA foam are always a good option. When durability and density count for you most, you should opt for the polyurethane midsole.

Cushioning technologies are standard for the midsole, especially in the forefoot and the heel. The technology is going to add more cushioning in the pressure points, improving comfort during a basketball game.

Some basketball shoes are made with tough materials on the medial portion of the foot, which improves the stability. The feature also protects against the pronation (inward rolling). The rule of thumb is to go with a medium-to-thin layer of cushioning in the midsole so that you accomplish both comfort and stability.

  • Outsole

Where the rubber touches the court is what makes the outsole of the basketball shoes. The outsole is made of synthetic material or rubber, as it’s the traction part of the shoes. In the case of basketball shoes, it’s better to look for rather flat and full outsole so that you obtain essential balance. A good grip is fundamental, and the herringbone or hexagonal pattern is going to give you that. They’re made to secure the foot and to reduce the risk for sliding up and down the court.

If you need to decide between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes, let’s mention that a significant majority of basketball shoes are made for indoor use.

Outdoor courts are more rugged than indoor counterparts. Therefore durable and thick outsole is fundamental when looking for outdoor basketball shoes.

Do aesthetics matter when selecting your basketball shoes?

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Unlike other sports shoes, aesthetics counts a lot for basketball shoes. The profile and design can be deal breakers when shopping for basketball shoes. Basketball shoes that perform well aren’t going to be enough; you also need them to look impressive too.

Luckily for any basketball player, there are many color schemes and styles to choose from. Even though style doesn’t contribute to your overall performance, it can certainly help you feel better about yourself. And when you feel confident, the chances are that you’re going to play better too. when you feel good about your shoes, you’re going to play well also.

One last recommendation

Truth be told, you’re not going to be capable of playing well if your basketball shoes are poor quality. The right pair of basketball shoes give you confidence in the court and help you boost your performance. Once you know what you’re shopping for, the whole process is going to go a lot smoother. Slam dunk!

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