Turf Soccer Shoes- The Fundamental Q&As You Should Know About

Turf Soccer Shoes- The Fundamental Q&As You Should Know about

More often than not, people think that indoor soccer shoes can work just fine on artificial turf. It can also go the other way around too though, with people deciding to take the turf soccer shoes for an indoor game or on some natural field too.

As wearing the right pair of soccer shoes can make the difference between a good and a bad game (without the ability to turn you into Ronaldo, though), it makes sense that you know the difference between the various types of soccer shoes. Or, you at least make a complete idea on the turf soccer shoes. It’s an excellent place to start. Because of that, we made a complete guide before buying.

Can you use indoor shoes on turf?

Shortly put, it’s rarely a good idea to put on your indoor soccer shoes when playing on turf as they’re not capable of offering the traction you need on turf. You may very well put them on, but you’re not going to have the performance, especially when compared to the players wearing the turf soccer shoes.

Use indoor shoes on turfIndoor soccer shoes are made for the indoor surfaces, who are typically dry and made of hardwood. You may, however, take the indoor shoes on concrete street soccer.

Unlike the turf shoes that can handle even the wet artificial surface, the indoor shoes are made only for the indoor surface, rending them to be slippery on wet surfaces (but that’s only one problem, though).

If you decide to buy a pair of indoor soccer shoes, be sure to check out this guide “Indoor Soccer Cleats Shopping Guide“.

Why is soccer turf so special?

The artificial turf is made with rubberized green carpet, and it’s placed close to the ground. It looks a lot like the artificial grass, but it’s nothing like it.

Turfs present a low-profile and feel a bit rougher than the regular artificial grass. It’s not entirely flat as it gives some depth to it. It’s why the shoes for soccer turf need to provide excellent grip and efficient traction.

It’s pretty common to find turf fields outdoors, which means that they can also get wet. When wet, the turf surfaces are even more challenging, and the game becomes fast. Unless you’re wearing the right pair of soccer shoes, you’re going to find the surface extremely slippery.

Is it essential to get turf soccer shoes?

There’s a big difference between the indoor and the turf soccer shoes, with the outsoles of the first being flat and rubberized for increased traction. You cannot wear indoor soccer shoes on rough rubber surfaces, and the outsole is going to get damaged sooner than expected.

get turf soccer shoes

When you take a closer look at the turf soccer shoes, you notice the small rubber “studs” which ensure the solid grip with the turf surface. The grip is fundamental for the traction on the turf surface. The turf soccer shoes feature unique studs that are thick and penetrate the turf the right way, reducing the risk for slippage.

Besides, you can also wear the turf soccer shoes on artificial grass surfaces as the surfaces are similar. It’s a good thing to keep in mind, especially when you’re shopping on a tight budget and like playing soccer on various surfaces. Even if the turf soccer shoes aren’t going to provide the same grip and traction as shoes made especially for the artificial grass, they’re still going to be a right choice for a couple of games.

On top of everything else, turf soccer shoes are cheaper than many soccer cleats out there. You may have to pull at least $200 out from your pocket for most soccer boots, whereas the turf soccer shoes can come for something between $65 and $100.

What makes a good pair of turf soccer shoes?

With the variety of products out there, one can become overwhelmed with the possibilities easy. Keep in mind to take a good look at the following aspects when buying:

  • Fit

It depends a lot on your needs and likings. Some soccer players enjoy a close-tight to the feet, whereas others would instead go with a leather and loose fit. You’re the one playing soccer, so you should know the best which type of fit helps you there out on the field.

  • Comfort

Comfort should be fundamental when buying any shoe, because of that you need to know few fundamental aspects before buying. No blisters or hot points are ideal when wearing a pair of turf soccer shoes, or any shoes. Some boots are going to require a break in period, whereas others are good to go right out of the box. When a pair of turf soccer is still giving you blisters, it’s time to get another one.

  • Materials

The quality of the materials is essential for the durability, your level of comfort, and even for your performance. When you’re looking for turf soccer shoes, you should touch the shoes (if possible). Good leather is going to feel soft, which means excellent comfort when wearing shoes.

  • Traction

Having sufficient traction on the field is essential, but most turf soccer shoes do present reliable traction on turf.

  • Life span

With the artificial turfs being rough surfaces, it goes without saying that the shoes are going to wear out pretty fast. However, respected and well-known manufacturers do know how to make long lasting turf soccer shoes so take a leap of faith with the reputed brands.

  • Price

Just because you’re paying the high dollar doesn’t necessarily mean that the pair you’re buying is worth it. You can find suitable products for less money than expected, and any pair costing more than $200 should be a red flag for you. Simply because you can find dependable choices for half of that price.

What are the takeaways for the entry-level buyers?

If it’s the first time you’re buying turf soccer shoes, you should do your bits and bobs before buying. Go online, take a good look at the reviews, and ask amongst your soccer friends. Even if a product looks good, it may still not be the best option for you.

Turf soccer shoes

It’s not unusual for a big pair of shoes to cause you to blister and discomfort in the heel. It’s also not impossible that you find a cheap pair of turf soccer shoes being the best choice ever. It’s all about the comfort, the design, and the dynamic that fits you or not.

Some praise the leather soccer boots as leather is softer and conforms to the shape of your foot after some time. It may sound incredible, but leather soccer shoes are cheaper than most synthetic shoes out there. They’re a good value for the price nine times out of ten.

Long story short, you shouldn’t pay more than $130 for a pair of turf soccer shoes (unless you’re a professional soccer player).

One last thought before you go

No matter how tempting it is, you should never take your indoor soccer shoes on turf. Not only that indoor shoes aren’t going to offer you any traction, but they may also turn you into the worst soccer player too.

If you’re planning to play on turf (and you’ll most likely will), you should make a wise investment and get turf shoes that provide exceptional grip and traction on the turf carpet surface. Finding the pair that fits you isn’t difficult, you need a bit of trial and error until you get it right.

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