What Counts When Buying a Portable Soccer Goal for Your Needs- The Only Guide to Read

Portable Soccer Goal

When you’re looking to use a soccer goal for practice and some game on public places where you cannot install a permanent soccer goal, the portable soccer goal is your best shot.

You only need some weights or simple anchors for installation, and you may easily remove it when your practice/ game is over.

The portable soccer goals come in various sizes, prices, and designs. Finding one that fits the level of skills, the budget, or the age of your players isn’t mission impossible. You can find entry-level, low-price, and high-end options as well. It all depends on what you need.

Let’s start from the top: what do you need the soccer goal for?

Portable Soccer Goal synthetic

Do you want to use only for training? Would you like to use it only for the competitive matches?

When you’re using a soccer goal for training, the type of games you have in mind is also essential.

Size is significant

Joke aside, the size of the soccer goal is one of the essential aspects to check when shopping. A goal that is too big for the little kids playing soccer isn’t going to do them any good.

An experienced coach may have to train kids of various ages, in which he/she should look for better models. One cannot buy soccer goals for every age group, especially when he doesn’t have the money for it.

It’s wiser that you go with a middle-sized goal that works for various ages, adapting the soccer goal for every age category.

The adjustability matters

Portable Soccer Goal adjustable

You can find adjustable portable soccer goals that allow you to use one set of nets for various age groups. Not only that it’s going to be easier for you, but the goals are going to be easier to carry as well.

The pars we like less for this type of portable soccer goals is that they’re not very durable, the risk for breaking being rather high.

You should look into it nevertheless and decide for yourself if the adjustable portable soccer goals meet your needs and budget the best way. Don’t forget to think about the storage capacity as well.

Can you get sturdiness for a portable soccer goal?

It’s fundamental for the soccer goal to take the ball hitting over and over again the back of the net. It’s one of the things that gives the difference between the soccer goals.

Here are some features to check on the portable soccer goal as they matter for the sturdiness of the purpose:

  • Where are you going to use the soccer goal? Some goals come with various methods for weighing the goal down even in sand. When you use it inside, it’s essential that it has weighing equipment (sandbags are an option). If not, keep in mind that buying them is rather easy.
  • Does the goal feature metal hooks, pins, or stakes for fastening the goal down?

Is durability significant as well?

Just like everything else in life, things aren’t created equal, and the portable soccer goals don’t make an exception.

Here are some aspects to consider when you don’t know which one to take: the reasonable goal or the high-dollar one:

  • Do you plan to use the soccer goal once a year? Are you going to use it twice a week the whole year? How often you plan to use it matters for the durability of the soccer goal.
  • How long do you expect the goal to last?
  • If you want to use it every single week, you’re going to need to get a robust model that takes the shots for a long time.

Where are you planning to store the soccer goals?

Portable Soccer Goal store

Now that we’re on it, we need to highlight the importance of storage when planning to use a portable soccer goal.

If your storage space isn’t generous, you should look for the options that have a tiny footprint when packed.

When you’re lucky enough and have a storage facility near the place where you’re training, it’s not a bad idea to get a bigger portable goal.

Here are some aspects to take into consideration when it comes to storage options:

  • Do you have any other equipment in the storage space?
  • Just how big the storage space is?
  • Is the storage space safe or not?
  • How close is the storage space to the venues you’re coaching at?
  • How often are you going to take it in/out of the storage space?

Don’t beat yourself up about the looks of the storage space, as it’s the functionality and practicality that count the most. It can very well be an old van, as long as it fits the soccer goal, it’s all that matters!

 Is the price a deal breaker or not?

Do you know the budget for the portable soccer goal? Are you willing to make an investment for the long run and pay the extra buck? Are you exclusively shopping for fun as you’re not going to use the soccer goal that often?

Once it’s clear for you for how long you’re going to use the soccer goal, you should look for the model fitting your wallet. The more you’re willing to pay, the more you should expect in terms of features, durability, sturdiness, or adjustability.

Stay safe. Always!

Portable Soccer Goal safe

When it comes to portable soccer goals, safety is one concern due to their shabby build. Not only that they don’t look good, but you never want the goal to pose a risk for an injury.

Do your homework and read about the legislation so that your players stay safe throughout the training or the games.

Some useful tips for the road

Buying a portable soccer goal is an important decision, so you should start by deciding whether you need one or not. Once it’s clear to you that a portable soccer goal is fundamental for your training sessions, you should take a look at your wallet and see what you can afford.

Don’t forget about the storage problem as you don’t want to end up spending some money on some good models only to realize that you have no place for storing them between the practices.

And now that you have it already, keep scrolling to find out some tips for installation too:

  • Use the anchor for the goal to the turf/grass with some metal/plastic in-ground anchors, attached to the frame or through the net
  • When you’re using the goal on gym surfaces or hard concrete, or when the goal doesn’t come with anchors, you need to secure it with some sandbags or other weights
  • Place the weights over the sidebar frames or the back bar if required. Safety first, remember!

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